Mi Clase de Violín 07 de Junio 2019. (My Violin Class June 7, 2019)

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Hola steemians.


Por favor disculpen los errores en esta publicación, se me hizo dificil hacerla desde DTUBE. Pero lo logré 😉

Please excuse the errors in this publication, it was difficult for me to do it from DTUBE. But I did it!

Ayer tuve clase de violín y le permitieron a los padres ver como practicabamos, así que mi papá me grabó y quiero compartir con ustedes el video, no se ve muy bien porque la cámara no enfoca bien cuando la colocan en zoom.

Yesterday I had a violin class and they allowed the parents to see how we practiced, so my dad recorded me and I want to share with you the video, it does not look very good because the camera does not focus well when you zoom in.


Aquí estábamos en la clase teórica previa al ensayo.

Here we were in the theoretical class prior to the rehearsal.



Gracias por Visitar mi Publicación.

Thanks for visiting my publication. 😉

Todas las fotos y el video fueron tomadas con la cámara de mis padres. Casio Exilim 3x


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Your Mom let me know about your post @kathe-art, so stopping by to visit. It was nice to see you enjoying such an experience - playing a musical instrument along with many other children. A blessing!

When I was somewhere around your age, I also practiced violin. My grandmother played one in a symphony orchestra in Oklahoma and my father raised me knowing this. So ... In my brief time in attempting to be like her, I learned an important lesson.

It takes a long time and a lot of hard work to be anywhere near as good as my grandmother had been. I did not make it that far ... 😉

Glad to know your parents are able to provide this opportunity for you. You never know where it may lead one day!

Hola, gracias. Yo ya voy a cumplir 4 años estudiando en la Fundación Musical Simón Bolivar. Aqui usted puede leer mas https://steemit.com/cervantes/@kathe-art/mi-nuevo-violn
Me gusta mucho estudiar violin. Tú No has tocado más el violín?

No @kathe-art, I stopped my practicing a long time ago - while still a child. It was demoralizing for me to hear the "screechy, scratchy" sound of my violin compared to the much more pleasant sound of my teacher's violin ... 😉

It's great to post about your daily activities... Congratulation!

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thank you. :)

Hola @kathe-art que bonita experiencia la que viviste en compañía de tu padre, ha de sentirse muy orgulloso de ti. Graias por promover tu contenido Dtube a través de la etiqueta vdc ( Venezuelans Dtubers Community ) sigamos demostrando que la comunidad hispanohablante es grande y tiene talento. Apoyada...


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