How to turn MILK into PLASTIC! - EPIC EXPERIMENT!!!!!

in dtube •  last month 

Hey guys! So I had to do a school oral experiment about transforming fluids into solids or the other way around... so I decided to show you all how to turn milk into plastic... It was a really cool experiment and even though it takes about two days to dry, I am really excited to show the hard plastic marbles to my friends when they watch my video in class!

Have you tried this experiment before? Let me know what cool stuff you made in the comments!

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So cool @judethedude! I had no idea 😊 Thanks for sharing.

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Amazing and well done, @judethedude!


(Not quite the Hulk, but I thought this TMNT gif worked too... 😂)

I bought some guitar picks that were made with this process. It actually sounds a tiny bit better than a plastic pick.

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Really cool, Jude ! What a great experiment !!!

Added you to my follows \o/

This is so cool - now I also learned something

Great job @judethedude. You did such a great job. I can't wait to show my grandgeorges so they can try out your experiment!