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RE: Major APPICS Update | APX Tokens, APX Power & Integrated Wallet!

in #dtube5 years ago

Very excited about the news and updates!

Quick question, the original ICO / release you guys did over a year ago...Where would we find those tokens we purchased?

The app is flawless though....You guys knocked it out of the park!


Thanks for your feedback and support 🙏🏼

If you are an ICO participant, please go to, login with your existing account, and then confirm your steem
Username via email. Then you will receive your tokens in your appics wallet in the upcoming round of APX token distribution!

Hi @appics , is it possible to teleport the EOS apx token to steem engine and viceversa?

Regards, @gold84

When is the upcoming round?

thanks will do!

I am not able to access the webpage. I would like to swap my tokens

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