The Road To 5000 CTP - Say What...!!!?

in dtube •  18 days ago  (edited)

Let's push ourselves just a little bit more ;)

You guys asked for it, so it's time to bump things up....We're on the Road to 5000 CTP Power now!!!

You guys have been crushing it every since we started this #CTP Tribe so let's keep growing!

Huge shout out to our featured CTP'r this week - @bradleyarrow

Give him a follow and check out all his content, he's crushing it!!!!

And oh yeah, just like I mentioned last week...

Every week we:

  • Respond to your comments / questions
  • Upvote them
  • Send you a shiny new @SteemBasicIncome unit as a way of saying...Thank you!

I appreciate all your engagement!!!

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Thanks for the Shoot out Jon :)

Think you will like the graphic in my Post this morning! did it even before I read this post! lol

Have a great day.


For sure man, yup I'll go check it right now....Curation time has been planned for this afternoon :)

I have passed the 5K mark, so my next goal is 10K.

So awesome!!! Congrats on that, and continued success :)

Bump to Road To 5000 CTP will keep us active and more motivated to go forward... Good job for putting the bar higher... ;)

And regarding @bradleyarrow, he is another every-day-shown-up-guy! Maybe he sometimes struggles with a topic for his posts, but he is here and that counts a lot! Following him for a while and I'm a regular reader and commenter on his posts :)

He is branding himself and being in front of the people... Every day!

Yup, great point. That's the key right....Showing up. Everything else will sort itself out, but unless you are here, it wont matter!

Great to see @bradleyarrow being this weeks feature person! He is doing a great job.
The road to 5,000 great to see that is the next goal, as I am still ahead of your goals still. Feeling pretty good about keeping ahead of you after decades of always being running so far behind the goals you set, keeping well over 7,000 ahead is my goal and so far so good.Well back to curating to keep ahead, Have a great week one and all.

Thanks man....Yeah I think we'll stick around here for a bit :) Achievable for all, but till some effort needed to reach it!

That's my goal for November. Will work towards hitting it by month end. 😉👍

Nice nice!!!! Oh you'll get there, I have zero doubt in my mind!

WOW, thanks for the great comment and WOW again for remembering that I am into Raspberry Pi computers.
Also you keep moving the bar, 5000CTP. I was feeling good about passing 3000 and just looked at the 4100CTP I have. Hopefully I can surpass 5000 and stay about a bit longer before you rasie the bar again.

I guess I better get my next Teaching myself Python post up today.

LOL For sure man...Yeah think I'll keep it around 5k for a bit though...Just so new CTP'r's have an achievable goal to shoot for!

Even though I have been slow to comment lately, it is great to see the awesome CTP members being highlighted every week! :) Congratulations to @bradleyarrow for all his hard worn on #ctptalk &, in your own words, "plus 1" it every day.

I am stoked about raising the bar to 5000 CTP (even though I have reached this goal already)! We will all make that goal with persistence & time. I need to watch out for that @ph1102 character since he is gaining on me in the Rich List ;) he he

In all seriousness, let's all keep crushing this. Our tribe keeps growing & I would love to see a lot more people jump in & create great content! :) We need people to upvote! :D

I am trying to catch you two. Lol


😂😂😂😂 You will get there, my friend! Keep up the great work! 🙌

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You guys are all crushing it!

Hey, Jenn... We will call it "Battle of Titans" :)

And as you said we have some awesome members out there and quality of the posts on CTPTalk is better every day... And one more important thing is that all those people that have major stake in the tribe are very active and work together for the good of everybody! Team work!

Absolutely & it is so fun in the whole "battle". There's no one I would rather pixie stomp he he. 🧚😂😉

Our tribe is strong & will only get better over time. Having a stake in this unique group speaks volumes. 😍🙌

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I'm only a CPT minnow or almost a minnow. Give me a year and i'll get up to dolphin.

Oh it'll happen sooner than later :) We're pretty generous with the upvotes in the tribe....The majority of the top 20 holders curate daily :)

BAM! That is awsome...and between @bradleyarrow allready follow...and that aint a Stupid thing to do at all!! Success

Thanks man, appreciate the comments!!

That’s aggressive for sure. I’m still working on the last goal of 3K CTP. I’ve set the month of November to reach it I’m not racing against anyone else. I’m pushing myself to do better. I know I can do it. Thanks for motivating us to

And congrats on the opening the Official CTP’s Merchandise Store.

For sure :)

Yeah I think it's an achievable goal for everyone....Might not happen overnight but everyone can reach there!

Just watched the new video. It won't be long until it is the road to 10,000 I am already at about 4600. I just need to start adding more content. That reminds me it is time for my weekly Tornado Traffic Update. (Shameless self promotion)

Nice!!!!! Keep crushing it man, you are on the right track!!

Great to see more people getting involved and motivated to reach goals. Without goals very little progress can be made.

Indeed....And it's fantastic to see people continuing to show up everyday! That's huge!

@jongolson, Keep pushing brother and make this an Space Of Opportunities. Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

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Thanks man, appreciate that....And yup, opportunity everywhere!

Welcome. 🙂👍

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Thanks for a great video @jongolson, and nice bump to 5000 CTP, and great pick with @bradleyarrow, he's a really great guy that shows up every day and delivers value, we need more like him, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Thanks man, yup he's crushing it for real!!


I pray for the CTP tribe more success in the steem community @jongolson

Thanks man, appreciate that very much!

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 10/20)

Thank you very much :)

With pleasure! I was in Sweeva many years ago and I like it.

Oh wow....Small world huh :)

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Guess I should go to Google Translate :)

Thanks for the comments tho!

Thanks for the shout-out again Jon, muchly appreciated. Sorry for the delay in commenting, just had too many distractions to dedicate time to Steem. Wow, what a wild last two weeks. Anyway, that curve ball has shot through so I can now re-focus, and energize back to Steemship.

My only concern re raising the bar is that newbies will feel left behind, perhaps even daunted by having to get to 5k (or higher). Maybe we need a baby step, at say 2.5k? Perhaps we could have a reward at that level for anyone that is aged under 50 days? We got !Beer (I got my first one two days ago!), so why not !Bib or !Formula or something like that?

most definitely not going back. 5 k can be achieved quite easily and heck that’s only about 5 - 10 bucks in purchased CTP right now. We need to push people and make them a little uncomfortable. that’s how we grow.

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