The Noob Night Cryptocast - Watch out...We Discussed Steem Price!

in dtube •  2 months ago  (edited)

We're still pretty fired up about the launch of #CTP into the Steem ecosystem...

We're in it for the long haul and wanna see how our project and tribe perform over the next few weeks. We're so excited to learn and grow on the run...So get ready for some awesome stuff coming up soon!

In this week's issue we even dove into....


I know, I know....Scary!

Not really if you have that good ol' accumulation mindset going for ya :)

Hope you enjoy the show and oh yeah.....Find your @SteemBasicIncome word(s) of the day for some free units!

=> CTP Condenser -

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

=> CTP Miner on Steem-Engine -

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@jongolson, Many will not going to like the current Steem Price but life also don't give all situations as perfect, so we have to be patient and have to work upon the opportunities and mainly we should enjoy the process.

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I'm kinda excited I can still buy this low :)

And to be honest, I've been so busy building I havent even noticed it lol

That's the beauty of Steem, we have many engaging points and aspects.

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I know that some don't like the STEEM Price, but I am kind of hoping it doesn't go up before I can buy more.

I know some don't like this attitude, but if STEEM has the potential I think it does, then I want to buy as cheaply as possible :-)

i love it personally. i think it’s a great opportunity for people that wished they could have been here at the start to get some stake!

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Now if I could just find some funds that I can "afford to lose" :-)

You’re a Steem builder! Thanks for your special support for Steem ecosystem Jon.

Appreciate that, thanks very much :)

If you are not selling why does the prices matter?

exactly!!!! great point.

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I still am warm and fuzzy as I joined when it was $4-6 STEEM. Long term investment.

ha ha ha ha so true!!!

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Another great show. The launch of ctp tokens have been a warm and fuzzy feeling. Steem price will rise just relax and stock up while the price is this low.

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Ha ha ha ha yeah man, warm and fuzzy for real!

Yup, been stocking up like crazy these past few months... :)

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