🇵🇷Experience Puerto Rico pt 6 - Playa Escondida Fajardo - The Hidden Beach

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Hello Steemians! ⏯Press play ⏯- Experience Puerto Rico Pt 6 brings us to Playa Escondida Fajardo. The Hidden Beach near the 7 seas. First thing I'd like to do is warn you, the waters at this beach can be unsafe so do some research.

The beach is quite beautiful as well as desolate. Aside from the dangerous waters, I believe the main reason as to why so little people go there is because you need to do a hike through the mangroves to get there and there are many beaches in Puerto Rico that are much easier to get to.

On this day, the waters were crystal clear, very calm and a perfect temperature. The weather was around 85, mostly sunny and there were just enough clouds to get nice motion in the time lapse footage.

The beach may have had a total of 20 people during my 5 hour visit and was worth the hike to experience it. The drive from San Juan took just over an hour.

Playa Escondida Fajardo Puerto Rico-2.jpg

Playa Escondida Fajardo Puerto Rico-4.jpg

Playa Escondida Fajardo Puerto Rico-6.jpg

Playa Escondida Fajardo Puerto Rico-7.jpg

Playa Escondida Fajardo Puerto Rico-9.jpg

Playa Escondida Fajardo Puerto Rico-12.jpg

Playa Escondida Fajardo Puerto Rico-14.jpg

Playa Escondida Fajardo Puerto Rico-13.jpg

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