VIVA LAS VEGAS BABY! - VLOG #013 [Dtube Exclusive]

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Welcome to our WEEKLY VLOG EPISODE #013 - I will be posting my VLOGS here on DTUBE exclusively now!

In today’s episode, we are in the fabulous LAS VEGAS BABY! I was in las vegas speaking at the steem creators conference and was fortunate enough to stay at the iconic Bellagio hotel and casino! If you enjoyed this weeks vlog make sure to subscribe to our channel for a vlog each and every week!

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Good video and in your website you teach on many course.

Great video Joe, nice to meet you at the Creators conference. Steem is the future of media.

Do you have any videos or photos for us from the Steem Creators Conference?😁
I really do enjoy watching your videos religiously, thank you for your constant content and for always guiding us noobs. It can sometimes get very overwhelming & easy to drown in this Ocean.

Its unfortunate I couldnt make it for the Conference as I am a continent away, but I am looking forward to working closely to some of the influecers and great minds that were part of it like @steemcafe.

That's all for now.

Greetings from Nairobi,Kenya :) @joeparys

Hi! Yes my Steem Creators Conference video should be out within the next few days :D Check back soon!

Definitely shall! Thank you.

Looking forward to watching your Steem creators conference video.

im definitely subscribing.... great stuff

Wow, how lucky are you??
This is really once in a lifetime experience.
Definitely on my bucket list!!
Enjoy every moment and thanks for sharing!

Interesting. Goodluck mate :)

Impressive Sir
Would love to be part of this experience and expedition

Great video.
Regards ;)

Enjoy in Las Vegas @joeparys

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