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RE: VIVA LAS VEGAS BABY! - VLOG #013 [Dtube Exclusive]

in #dtube6 years ago (edited)

Do you have any videos or photos for us from the Steem Creators Conference?😁
I really do enjoy watching your videos religiously, thank you for your constant content and for always guiding us noobs. It can sometimes get very overwhelming & easy to drown in this Ocean.

Its unfortunate I couldnt make it for the Conference as I am a continent away, but I am looking forward to working closely to some of the influecers and great minds that were part of it like @steemcafe.

That's all for now.

Greetings from Nairobi,Kenya :) @joeparys

Hi! Yes my Steem Creators Conference video should be out within the next few days :D Check back soon!

Definitely shall! Thank you.

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