A Few Friendly Tips on How to Gain Success within the #STEEM Ecosystem - A Video Response to @blind-spot

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A Few Friendly Tips on How to Gain Success within the STEEM Ecosystem - A Video Response to @blind-spot.jpg

A Few Friendly Tips on How to Gain Success within the #STEEM Ecosystem - A Video Response to @blind-spot

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May You always live in the Abundance of Beauty, Love and Be at Peace in Your Heart, My Amazing Family All Over the World and My #dtube and #steemit Family... Go Out and Spread that Joy, Happiness, Peace, and Love Always Every Day. @jeronimorubio

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Thank you for providing people those tips to be successful in steem blockchain especially those people who are they new in the platform, as ntopaz coordinator we are looking for you guys, join us to ntopaz and show us your valuable work ;)
[nTOPAZ Coordinator]

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very will my friend good job! thank you for the tips very helpful god blessed..

Nice vid!
I agree 100% you need to share content and multiple platforms. I have been on Steemit for 2 years but I'm still trying to figure out this massive ecosystem. There is sooo much to it. I would like to see a resource to familiarize newbies with all that the Steem blockchain has to offer and how to use them.
New sub here. Looking forward to keeping up with jeronimo!

@jeronimorubio, Hope that now you've healed from the pain.

Definitely our Content is our reflection and in that we should be Consistent. It's just not about only Steem, no matter in which field we are in, if we don't have consistency then we will lack Productivity.

Engagement and Connection is very important to expand our Network and without engaging with others we cannot buildup audiences and to gain audience we have to become audience too.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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@jeronimorubio thanks for encouraging !
beautiful flowers and cute kitty cat 냥이 ㅋㅋ 💙
Wow ! #seven77 💙 LOVE
07:00 curation and resteemed much much thanks and Happy Virus Spreading ! :)

much appreciate !
Have a Lovely Beautiful Amazing Fantastic Day ! 💙

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Thank you @jeronimorubio! This is a simple and easy to understand breakdown of the necessary steps to take in order to succeed on the Steem blockchain. I am grateful that you took the time to share it and will share as well because I know people like myself who need this. Thanks again - peace and Love.

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Greetings @jeronimorubio

You raise a great point. I think many Steemian's are simply not aware of how many different dapps and frontends are available to interact with the Steem blockchain. The games add a special dynamic that invite an even larger spectrum of users. I agree, Steemmonsters is amazing, I play it as much as I can, which leads me to mention something I think is important.

Time management. You're one of my favorite dtube vloggers, and I watch your videos everyday, but I find I rarely have time for comments because I'm so busy with other tasks, like curating for different communities, or planning for different posts. I find time management pretty critical so that you don't neglect certain things which are important, like engagement!

I'm curious to know how you manage your time so effectively so that you are able to keep up with all this information and deliver these vlogs so consistently! If you have advice for others, I would certainly love to hear you talk about how you're so good at time management!

Thanks for your beautiful and uplifting message to humanity, keep up the great work, much love!

PS. I hope you feel better soon!!!

I hope that scratchy throat is gone for good!! I agree that we need to be consistent, and engage, engage, engage. Many media go hand in hand anyway. If you take good photos, you can spruce up your Actifit reports, turn them into videos, and write their stories 😄
Thank you for the encouragement you give to all.

Hi friend @jeronimorubio
This a great piece of motivation and knowledge about Steem platform. Have a great time.

Thanks for the tips, am still learning everyday here...

Thanks for the valuable tips to gain success within steem ecosystem. Steem is the best place to meet the world.

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God will heal the pain. After the pain there will be a huge blessing and grace. Thank you for sharing your good idea how to grow and gain in steem. God bless @jeronimorubio

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