Warming the Cockles with some Pea & Ham Hock Soup!

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Ola foodies! So, you are probably going to be seeing all kinds of soups from me in the next couple of months as it is Winter on this side of the world and daaaaamn cold too! I love soups of ALL kinds, but I have to admit that this gem definitely does warm you up from the inside out with creamy, hearty deliciousness!

As far as the ingredients go...

1 pack of split peas
4 or 5 chopped celery sticks
1 onion
A whole ham hock
1 pack of diced sweet potato (or regular potato if you prefer)
1-2 Litres of chicken stock - depending on your pot size...
Salt and pepper

The rest should be pretty self-explanatory in the video... but if you do have any questions, just shout in the comments :) I would also LOVE to know if you made it and what you thought!



Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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What an interesting winter to you ... winter and cold! I am mid-summer. Very hot.
I'm sorry I can not see your video, I do not know why it does not work. Probably my fault that I am not a friend of DTube ...

Oh what a pity :( In future I will share the youtube link too.

As for the weather, all I will say is roll on Summer!

Thank you! I think is a good idea...

Really cool video, i like the way your presented the recipe with the graphics and the music:) The soup looks really tasty also:)

Thanks @georgeboya :) I appreciate the positive feedback. I have been having quite a bit of fun making them :)

OHHHHH MY MOM WOULD MAKE THIS!!!! SO FREAKING GOOD! Being Cuban, I like everything on top of white rice.. or the other way around. lololoololol. So I would eat it like a soup or I'd take a few spoonfuls on top of rice.... omg... So good!

There is NEVER a bad time for ANY carbs haha so I got your back on that one lol ;)

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Thank you xxx

It's hot here right now, but I do love nice hearty thick soups and stews in the winter, along with some fresh, warm crusty bread and butter. Split pea and ham soup is one of my favorites!

Definitely agree there! :)

Oh South Africa is also in winter ! I guess there's another parts of the world who's opposite to the rest of the world is, like Australia (where i am) :D I am happy to discover this !

What a lovely soup ! I feel hot soup is the best things for winter comforts * ___ * aaaah~

Soup is the ultimate!!!! :D

Oh my, my you're killing me @jaynie! If I were sitting in 90 degree weather right now this would be on my stove! I love pea soup and the sweet potato add :) Now you just need a nice thick slice of buttered bread!!!!