The Divine Move - Game of Go series #2 The Big white Moyo (part 1)

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I now make video of my Go game and I hope you’ll like it !

My main objective when I started playing Go was to be a single digit kyu player, in other words, become 9 kyu. After nearly two years of playing, I managed to do it but I’m not stopping there, now I look above at the 5 kyu rank which is pretty symbolic too. Wish me good luck !
I hope you'll enjoy this game !

Just know that this game is simply amazing ! If you like strategy game like chess, it's even a better game, simpler but deeper.
I made a post with the basic rules, you can find it here.

So I really encourage you to check out the game and here are more links that could help :
A site where you can easily play.
An amazing Youtube channel
Some playlists for beginner (FR)
A playlist for beginner (EN)
A post about Go vocabulary

Here is my profile page on OGS, add me as a friend and we'll do a game !

Now, back to the game !

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nice post you if you have time come my blog. i already folow you

Verry good post seems you are a professional in this game and your description in comparison to chess and even simpler i will check it out and after its what it is, i will get to know how good you have been in this game because i love puzzles and mind games, share much more of these games if you got some more. Thanks for sharing a game with like minds as myself.

Valuable Post

great video thanks for sharing :D

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