[SEVEN77Challenge#13] Jurong Lake Gardens

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Good morning May!

SEVEN77 2.0 now on! Join us now!

My day 13 of SEVEN77Challenge (‪7 Creative push-ups for 77 days )‬ by @nathanmars

I love Steem as i really love being here !

The objective of this challenge is to bring Steem to 7.77 in 2019.

Today Is Labor Day holiday. My family and I visited a newly open Jurong lake gardens at Singapore! There are lots new facilities and playground for family to hang around! Very big garden and good for morning or evening walk!

SEVEN77Challenge (‪7 push-ups for 77 days)‬

Minimum requirement for participation (How to Tweet )
Step 1: ‪
Write at least one reason why you believe in STEEM ‬or the potential you see with STEEM
Step 2:
use #‪STEEM #SEVEN77 hashtags and please mention @NathanMars7
Step‪ 3:
Share the raw video of your 7 push-ups directly ‬

Repeat this steps for 77 days by possibly stating different reasons each day.


2。标签 #‪STEEM #SEVEN77 艾特@ NathanMars7‬




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Thanks for your 20.02SP to team-cn! Your post has earned 6% team-cn upvotes!

Beautiful place.... Loved the way you captured it.

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Thank you!

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