Let's talk about vlogging! It's my birthday and I'm 10 years old!

in dtube •  10 months ago

Birthday vlog: Talking about sports, vlogging, my life and how it's going, my sisters and also the nice restaurant I'm going to. Follow my story and subscribe ^_^

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Happy Birthday sweetheart! I was able to get the video to play today! Your Mama is beautiful! Wowzers! Now we know were you get your looks from!! You need your own TV show! Move over Justin Bieber @JackNaxter take over!!! Team Canada Woop Woop!!!


Oh my goodness, BIG THANK YOU's @kawaiicrush, I'm literally speechless ^_^. Team Canada!!!!! WOOHOO!

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I wish I could get your video to play! I followed ya @jacknaxter! Your channel looks like so much fun! Plus your a Canuck too!! Us Maple Syrupians need to stick together lol Are you near Toronto too? XD


Oh yes, the system is fully backed up, maybe. I'm most definately in Toronto ^_^