Where to get Tokens before the SMT release! [Dtube Inspiration]

in dtube •  6 months ago

In this video i talk about where to collect tokens right now before even SMT's are released! Enjoy the hunt :D
Check out those Dapps:

[this is a dtube exclusive video and one of my Dtube inspiration series where i talk about everything that inspires me and perhaps inspires you]

You want to know my story? check out this Dtube Intro Video: https://d.tube/#!/v/ivansnz/zbow3o0g
I hope you've been inspired by this Dtube inspiration short vlog, if so dont forget to drop me an upvote and follow me on this adventure!

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Great information buddy! Happy to see you are on the Steem-Plus hunt with me! High5 from Barcelona


To be honest i got the information about the steemplus tokens from you! i can't upload to Dtube right now, its only working with steemplus somehow. im glad this is useful for you :) high five mate!

This is a great post, Ivan.

I didn't know about Steem-Plus


Thanks a lot Mona, try it out its really cool! they just announced their upvote bot.

Steemhunt sounds like a cool app but I just don't see it as something I would use but I'll try it out.


i thought the same and still didnt post a hunt but i enjoy exploring cool things on the platform from time to time! and if i find something amazing ill share the hunt for sure!

I hadn't heard of @actifit and @steem-plus . Let me check them out.


Hey Zoe cool i could introduce you those apps, they are worth checking out!

Hi, @ivansnz!

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thanks a lot i appreciate the support!

Steem-Plus is not realeasing any SMTs. I know for sure because @stoodkev is the developer for my 1UP project and I specifically asked him about that. The Steem-Plus points are no SMT or cryptocurrency.

You missed some great SMT tokens that are already available to earn bounties with, like @appics (Instagram), @dlike (Pinterest), @steem-1up (Steem Community Hub), @clean-planet (rewards public cleaning) and @air-clinic (medical services).


Thank you, thats good to know! ill check out those apps and post a revision with a complete list!

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Awesome! thanks for the support im glad you like the video :)