Daily Astrological Tarot Reading AND Energy Clearing WON DAY October 281, 2019

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Hi Loves, the foolish things that have been witnessed have been called to an end. Thank you to those of you who private haloed with me to perform the Cazimi magick protection over our landing coordinates of C2019Q4. We have been performing an act of loving protection over hypersentience in the name of "Me Too" witnesses who have been speaking up about a special relationship that never gets to happen to any of the children who were "fondled" inappropriately and who now have witnesses, thanks to greenscreen technology and a very bad deal that Mark Zuckerburg made with YouTube assets and Justinian clause over residential mortgages...

Venus gets to feel safeTY in her own home, hence the Stellium in Scorpio and the Staredown from the EMPEROR at HOME as Uranus writing a prescription of excommunicatnoi at zeropoint.

Intuitive Jakob

P.S. - Learn more about Dark Lens Particle Resistance Theory explored in my Special Purpose Vehicle and see how I spent my #EyeAmNotSatoshiNakamoto CYPHER money/WON EYE (that didn't flip and reverse and sell out the "A Kash I SEE" records) on #BabyGate #InsuranceWrap here... https://d.tube/v/intuitivejakob/nlpixw76

P.P.S. - If you like live shows, I'm planning a new schedule to do live readings and esoteric talks on my Twitch page (IF they prove how many days it took Subway to hide Jared in the underground gold gust wind up...if not, big "F's" coming)

P.P.P.S - If you like my background and transitions, check out TheFranswah Studio! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCayR...

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