Are you working for Steem?

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It had been a while, but it happened again yesterday...

I traded my home cooked food for some Steem. Yeap, you heard right. I sold a chicken sandwich and a brownie for 45 Steem.

Could that be the Bitcoin pizza moment? Who knows and time will tell on that one.

What I am trying to say is, what is the point of accumulating, if you don't spend it on stuff you need or want??

I am sure you know at least one of Steemian. Try and figure out a trade where you pay or receive for services or goods rendered. All in Steem of course.

Please share your stories below,


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Haha, this is so cool :) Last year, a friend of mine paid some beers for me in a pub and I paid him those back in Steem :)

:) I like the sound of paying for beer in Steem or BEER tokens hahaha. But I think it is coming close to that, where we pay more and more directly in crypto. Peer to peer. I love how with my RC's I can do transactions for free and within 3 seconds. This to anyone, anywhere and any time.

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Do not count on it

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hahaha classic response :)

yep, we accept steem for our templates -- ;)

Can you integrate SE tokens/keychain into one of those landing pages? If this is possible, I'd be a lot more interested.

How is old Blighty at the mo?

oh i was'nt telling you for you to be interested! :) but yeah a method to pay with landing pages is planned. as for the uk, i believe it's bright and sunny out! :)


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Thank you :)

I love it! I have sold a button for Steem, and bought an Alchemy Stone with Steem. More uses like this can only help the ecosystem!

That is so cool. We have to do this more and more. We all appreciate the value of Steem.

Hmm, not yet. Never buy any steem to buy food. Maybe I should start a cafe in my place that serve Bali coffee name it "STEEM CAFE": We serve the best steem coffee in Bali. What do you think?

Too many cafe/restaurants in Bali. Too much competition. You would be better offering a service like: people pay in cryptos (any really if you trade cryptos) for scooters, boat crossings (Gilli, Lombok) and hotel/accommodation.

Aha, that's what I thought too.😁

This is awesome! Steem is perfect for commerce. I was so stoked for @dstors.

thank you :) As much as I love accumulating different tokens, real world needs must be catered for too. We all place value on Steem, proof is with Splinterlands, Steem Engine etc. I wish I could sell more for crypto :)


!neoxag 20

thank you :) quick question. does your tip software work on any SE token? and how can I get hold of it for another tribe?

found the post :)

not my software and as far as i know it's the only tribe offering it. see link. kinda cool i think:)

He should sell the software. Every tribe would use it. Especially since hf21. makes more sense to tip a comment than upvote it.



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Your story will inspire many people to thank you for sharing this story with us....

Thank you @imran101 . I started on Steem with zero and built it up one token at a time. Keep going and it will grow :)

This is super cool way to make money for your passion.
It's a bit funny that one could actually make an order for food on steem and pay with steem.

I think that this is a great innovation in the online platform. Hence, am really curious on how I could experience this myself with the local dish I make.

Thanks for the share, I'm motivated.

I was stoked too :) It doesn't just have to be just food, it can be anything. Everyone using Steem knows it has value.

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