T.R.A.P. - PRELUDE - "THE TRAP" (Homemade Sci-fi Rap Space Opera)

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Hey, all Steem-based life-forms.
This is the prelude edition to the Sci-Fi Rap Space Opera I've been making in my shed with some mates, crowdfunded by some incredible people online.

Here's the YOUTUBE link so you can see it in full HD... AND have SUBTITLES... they're really necessary!

I've had a blast doing it, and it's time to stick it on the Steem network.
There are 3 episodes coming in the current season/orbit.
I really hope you guys enjoy it, and any comments or steem donations are very much appreciated.
More content coming soon, now that I've finally worked out how to work this D-Tube log in.
Let me know if the subtitles work too!

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Amazing :D SciFi rap space opera !!!! :D I can't watch right through entirely yet since I'm at work, but I saw the first minute and I'm like..... THIS IS GREATTTTT


upvotes aggressively


ha ha! thanks for the upvote! hope you enjoyed the rest!


Love this! Very creative and different.

Can't help with the subtitle issue, sorry. However, many have issues playing dtube videos on here, so I do suggest you ALWAYS include the YouTube version. I also suggest you get caught up with the older videos and get to the point where you are posting them on here when they are brand new. New content, even when cross posted elsewhere is always preferred by many here.


that's all very good advice. TBH the reason I didn't post these straight away here is I was having other issues with DTube log in... but last night I just got determined to sort it out. Anyway, you're right, and my original intention was to upload the episodes here before YouTube even. Well, two further episodes are out already on YT, but the final one, I should be able to premiere here. Will be interesting to see if that affects the returns! Thanks for the tips!


RE dtube upload issues, it is best to seriously compress video before you upload to dtube to prevent these issues. There are lots of software solutions but actually I have found the best way is just to use youtube's compression. Once you have uploaded a video to youtube, download it from your creator studio and the downloaded version will be way smaller size and the video compression seems to work way better for dtube upload.

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Holy crap. Best thing I have ever seen on Steem. Psilocybe intervention you have my attention never thought of such things in school detention but retention of school days is abysmal, holes in my mind but my cup is still half full, spiraling around and around a black hole, milky way galactic soulful, human destruction is awful and can be related, through radio waves and pupils dilated :)

well, subtitles don't work... any clues how to sort that out?
Also, click the settings cog, and choose Source for the top quality video!


Subtitles are WORKING now! WOOOT!!

...alright, I've added the YouTube link now, as well. So, you can see the version with Subtitles there. Enjoy!

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I don’t know why this isn't getting a lot more attention @hugothepoet, you did a great job here. Thanks for posting on Steem blockchain.


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