you could win a flex-off with a dtube hat

The internet is too full of dumbass sheep to understand the magic of the #dtube.


You should make a post about this hat and with the proceeds give them out to people that say they will wear them.. could be huge for DTUBE/steemit

Hodge Twins MIGA hat >>>> donny's maga hat maga.jpeg

True that.
just want to know which goes for you guys lol

Welcome home bruddas!!! You now know the way!!!

Send me i like it.Nice one !

Need some swimming trunks that say "They want the D" on them to match. Gotta make it a fit for spring break '18.

Check out DLIVE too!

Bagus bagat topi nya....
Saya sagat suka..?

DTube, dMania <3

dtube for original, you guys inspiring pics wold be nice... ;)

@hodgetwins Makin' Gainzzzzz !!!