DCooperation and My Idea [DTube Vlog-38]

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Friends, #Decooperation is a wonderful community, where everyone progresses through mutual cooperation. Although I did not have too long. Besides, I'm not a very regular user. Even then, I get some time, try to learn new things, and try to increase the boundaries of my knowledge from here.

I am not very involved with the community, so there is not even a lot of ideas about others community. But for some days ago I know about the community of decooperation and the more interest in knowing about it. So I have tried to know a bit, because it is important to know something about a community to work with.

What I found, the power of everyone here is a wonderful idea to build a strong community through delegation. I liked the system. That's why I've been in the 100 steem delegation here, because I do not have too much steem. Besides, its weekly report is very nice, it is known to all who are supported.

Anyway, I want to share an idea for the community, that's just not going to be delegation, try to increase post quality. Because delegation is not mean that is sure to get the vote. Because we have to try to increase the quality.

So my idea is, those here are the decelerator. To post continuously with good quality one each of them give an extra bonus vote. In order to increase the quality among all.

This is my idea for the community.

Thank you so much all.

Also Thanks for support @dcooperation @drisers @onelovedtube & @bdcommunity and always thankful to @nathanmars, @r2cornell, @alphasteem, @brettcalloway, @kenny-crane, @hashcash and @kabir88.

|> tania <|

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