Starting Seven Pushups - response to @nathanmars

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I see many of friends trying to do everyday Push-ups on twitter. I like this initiative. After seeing the declaration from @nathanmars for 7 push-ups I am feeling to do this.

I am very fatty that is why I think it is very necessary for me but I am not yet try to do this exercise.

Today I am trying little do seven push-ups.

Thank you so much all.

Also Thanks for support @drisers @onelovedtube & @bdcommunity and always thankful to @nathanmars, @r2cornell, @alphasteem, @brettcalloway, @kenny-crane, @hashcash and @kabir88.

|> tania <|

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Good job with the push ups! I think it is good to exercise every day or at least a few times a week. It can help our health and that is important. 👍

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keep it up💪😎

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That's a nice start.
You can do other exercises besides push up. Just keep it up. I can bet you will be surprised to see your progress.

Wish you all the best, @hmetu!