DTube Tips- Skin care with the rice starch [Vlog-35]

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Friends, today I will tell you a very simple method to Care your skin that is the rice starch!

If there is not at least one rice meal during the day, then the list of Bengalis is left unfulfilled. Rice starch can be found to cook rice. We throw away this starch. But rice starch has many qualities. You can use this starch for your skin care.

The rice starch keeps the skin clean. Take a small amount of rice starch, massage all the time. Wash after ten minutes. Then see the magic!

The use of rice starch eliminates the skin color. Use the rice starch to keep the brightness of the skin. This starch also keeps your skin softy.

The use of rice starch will remove the dark circles of the skin. Even acne in your mouth will be removed.
I hope it will be very helpful for your skin care.

Thank you so much all.

Also Thanks for support @drisers @onelovedtube & @bdcommunity and always thankful to @nathanmars, @r2cornell, @alphasteem, @brettcalloway, @kenny-crane, @hashcash and @kabir88.

|> tania <|

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resteem done.... wait for your next content. thanks to share your valuable post.

I liked your video about using rice starch on your skin. You're very pretty and your skin looks nice so I can see that it works! Thanks for sharing this video and I look forward to seeing more videos from you. 👍

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