The language of ivrit ( עברית ) Genesis 6, DTube Video #5

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Welcome! We finished chapter six today

This is a milestone in our Hebrew reading & language series.

Continuing with Genesis 6:18-22

Last week we heard about the measurements of the ark and the levels that are to be built.

This week we read about a new covenant, who will be saved, and which kinds of living things will be arriving to come aboard.

And Noah did as God commanded.

I will be picking apart each word in Hebrew as we go today so please listen in.

Today's reading


Here are the links

Please hit the DTube video link below and read the above passage with me in Hebrew.

▶️ DTube

Info on each letter starting at the beginning

If you are just starting, my lessons are all here starting at Alef, adding vowels (the dots and lines) as we go, the sofit formations and numerical values. Just go to my blog and scroll to the bottom or click here

Get your Hebrew Bible now!

Click here to obtain the book we are using. It is a free download - or browser usable.

Thanks for taking the time to watch and read.

Shabbat Shalom


I could remember how you started Hebrew reading! Congratz we all reached a milestone! And yeah we learnt atleast few words by reading and watching your articles/videos! Great work and thank you!

Shabbat Shalom~

מדהים אותי כמה הסיפור הזה בסיסי וכמה מידע עובר בטקסט כזה קצר

I'm sorry I missed this video earlier, I'm trying to really make out the interpretations and apply them to sentences and conversation really, this is another well detailed teaching @Hebrew, I'm glad you're taking the book of genesis cautiously and slowly as well, this way people can adapt and learn slowly, thanks a million

An excellent lesson @hebrew and your interpretation of the next chapter of the Book of Genesis in Hebrew shows me how multifaceted and wise your language is!

Thank you for the lesson. I always liked to listen about the new covenant and the ark.

Oh yes @hebrew, a very interesting narration of Being and I am glad that every time I learn about your language, something new and make sure that Hebrew is the very wise and ancient language in the world!

Hebrew is spoken by around 5 million individuals in Israel (Ethnologue). This figure incorporates the individuals who talk it as an a local language and those for whom it is a second language figured out how to differing degrees of capability. It turned into an official language of British Palestine in 1922. Today, it is the official language of the State of Israel. It is utilized for official, open and private purposes all through Israel, wih the exemption of the Arab part, where Arabic is utilized. Government schools educate in either Hebrew or Arabic, be that as it may, Hebrew is a mandatory subject through the tenth grade in all schools, even the Arabic ones. Hebrew is the mechanism of guidance at the college level too. It is the language of most papers, books, magazines, radio, and TV.

Six chapter has been complete . Good achievement . This lesson is also very good .
Shabbat shalom .

Good educative post on Hebrew words . and also great achivement . Shabbat shalom

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