DTube Food Review: Custard-Apple

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Today I will talk about a popular fruit of our country. Every time when I travel to the village or the other place, I try to get the taste of this fruit. Because this is one of my favorite fruit. This is known as our country Atafall. And in the book it's name Custard-Apple.

This is the fruit of many nutrients. Moreover, it helps reduce the amount of blood glucose. Because of which many people eat it for blood sugar or diabetic control.

The Custard-Apple hold our country almost twelve months. But especially in the summer the yield is higher. However, let's look at the taste of Custard-Apple, or how we take the test. Hope you also enjoy this video.

Also check the Video on YouTube


@hafizullah vai thank for your review. I am proud of you coz you represented our country very gorgeously. Best wish for my side.😘😘

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Thank you brother for your nice support, I am always trying my best for this purpose.

Most welcome brother.

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