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ICON (ICX) has the confluence of Indicators, Elliott Waves and target to stand as a strong buy!! Target is 11,085 Satoshi or 50% profit potential!!

Here is the youtube link:

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nice info

I know a lot of people are buying ICX, let's see how it performs.


i bought some!

ICON has been a solid mover this altcoin bull-cycle. It was, and still is, a decent coin to have in any portfolio and kept the steady profits rolling in.

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Great insight @haejin, I'm partial to your perspective. Cheers, friend.

-The Beached Whale-
Editor in Chief - The Anderson Report


Exactly my toughs about BTS. Thanks for the confirmation.


Dear lifecrawler,
Mine too. Them good coins haha
Yours truly,
Gandalf The White


t.me/coinexchangenews open free member


Dear thebeachedwhale,
Totally share your opinion! Bts and icx are dope!
Do I really do not like it that Bittrex delisted bts.
Yours truly,
Gandalf The White!

Good post, as usual, thanks @Haejin!

ICX is a good long term hold too so even if a trade goes a bit bad I think you’ll make it back later by holding.


Dear travelersmemoire,
Imo you are right. Icx is a long termer and respectively got really good chances to go higher.
Yours truly,
Gandalf The White

Gracias por la información

Ty I was holding it for a week , will hold till korean exchange listings !

Thanks as usual Haejin. I think you would be interested in the Siacoin chart - I find it interesting. Cheers

What are your thoughts on ZRX? I‘m reading a rising wedge. :/

Since I was forced to get into ICON ICO by a friend with 100x return, it has been a solid altcoin ever since. I had it overweight in my portfolio. ICON to the moon! The mainnet go live date is on 24th Jan 2018.


your wave 4 cannot be lower than wave 1?! who taught you eilliot waves! You can even get the basics wrong!!!


oh yeah... sure! That's what is called a diagonal where 4 enters the price territory of wave 1. The guidelines states also that a diagonal could retrace sharply. But guess I had another teacher a long time ago, called prechter.

That's why I BTFD haejin...

Thank you Haejin!
I did the same T/A for this coin last night, it's great to have your confirmation :D

It worked. Have an upvote. Made 2.6% profit. Thx.

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@haijin, I like that you brought in MACD to support your TA using Eliott Waves. Do you ever include the use of RSI as well in your personal tool kit?


It doesn't seem to, but who ever traded knows how m uch RSI is important to confirm a certain movement or to deny it. But if the whole World is based on guesses and speculations these days, why can't this be also? Very good insight btw.


Thank you for your comment. I spend a significant time managing my stock and ETF positions in my various retirement and savings account. I also have an options account. I wouldn't think of buying a stock without looking at the RSI to see when I should actually buy a position I'm interested in. It seems appropriate as well for cryptos since sentiment drives their volatility.

I guess I will sell at 10-11,000 sat, Thanks haejin !!!

Thanks for the heads up @haejin. You seem to be right way more often then you are wrong so I take your calls quite serious for the most part.

I am a fan ICX

Thank you

@haejin . TRX broke the channel. Can you give us an update on that


here it is:
Haejins TRX update

he posted it yesterday and mentioned it could turned into a cup and handle


check my blog, it triggered my stop loss at -20%.

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its my favoret coin hope it will moon soon :)

so many currency

this 1 currency with wcx and another?

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holding on tight on to my ICON.

Great dear

Hearing a lot of good things about this

Absolutely agreed. Thanks for your post every single time.

good coin this one!

I actually agree that ICON will have at least have a 50% price increase in the next one or two weeks. The technical analysis looks promising and combined with the announcement of the main net going live on the 23rd, I believe there is very high chance for this to happen.

After their big announcement a day or two ago, I bought ICX for EOS and have really high hopes for ICX not just in the upcoming weeks but also in general.

Keep hodling!

hi! thanks for the short video. very good. what do you think about the main net launch? is this target of 5 the max price target for the short term?

holding 100 ICX, thanx..any signal about XP?

The poster is unarguably intelligent. You have done an impressive job here. Thanks, i look forward to more of this.

The whole decline accelerated. No exception.

your information is very useful

Thx for this. Where would you put your stop?

Well, I don't think so. Look how flat last period was. It is clearly not accumulation. I'd rather bet on distribution with target 0.05-0.07 usd.

ICX is so popular pump coin nowadays. We will see how it performs.

Great analysis

Thanks for the video :) Ill take a look at it now!

We need to buy it when its cheap :)


Take profits on the top :)

Nice insight I will be following the chart to see if I should get a position
Thank you for this
will subscribe and keep up to date with your posts :)

@haejin please post less content as there is too much to follow for followers.
everyone gets confused about which to follow and which to leave. so accuracy of the Traders effect.
Consider less but quality effective posts. there are so many peeps waiting for their trades to go up.

That looks very interesting. Thanks for the hint!

Do you have recommendation for a book to teach me this form of technical analysis. It really is interesting.