NEO Target Raised to $293 and then at a higher degree of trend: $1,179!! How is this possible? Here is my analysis!

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NEO is destined to mint many new Deca Millionaires!!

Here is the YouTube Link:

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I've been hearing a lot of good news about NEO!

General info:
NEO will catch up to ETHEREUM and dont forget about GAS cus is part of NEO. If you put your NEO tokens on BINANCE you will receive GAS. Kind of like STEEM and STEEM DOLLARS
All this in a effort for investors to keep there tokens long terme (rewards).

Yeah man it's awesome. I would recommend using the Neon wallet for NEO though, not sure it's a good idea to leave on exchange. Wallet does give gas too!

The information that you have given makes it easy to understand, it gave us the ideas at to where it makes more money,it also makes thing more clear as to why it is a good and realiable investment. Gas is a necessity. So it will rise to the peak of Eiffel tower, or will even go beyond that. Good investment.

Neo next wave at $225

Thank you for the video however I am new to all of this having found myself with some musicoins earnt from my music. I did a bit of research and bought some NEO.

Is this pattern you talk about typical for nearly all crypto currencies then?

Sorry for the newbie question! :P

I agree that NEO will continue to make huge gains and is positioned to grow into a top 5 coin, but I wouldn't say these patterns are typical of all crypto currencies. There isn't a magic formula. There are strategies that help determine good tokens and projects, but no one can tell you where the market or a coin is going to go for sure and the elliot wave a t-cup analysis is all fine but people can't be naive and think it is that simple. Find a crypto that hasn't gone up in the last six months, other then extremely low cap coins doomed to fail? Anyone can seem like they have all magical formulas or knowledge.

Take this for example. A individual emails 1000 people and to 500 he says a token will go and 500 he says it will go down. He can use the fanciest jargon to explain it. Next week he does that same thing with the half that was right. Then the next week he does it again. All the sudden he has a three week track record with over 60 people and he asks them to invest with him. Crazy thing happens, a lot do and stop thinking for themselves.

I certainly respect haejin and his predictions, but what chart in crypto can you not find patterns for? What cryptos haven't seen tremendous gains in the last months?

almost none of them hahaha. You can pick any random coin with a good pattern and it will skyrocket, just gotta sell before the top. Thats what haejin is implying, that the sentiment is bullish across the board and the state of trend is shown in the pattern of the coins.

Corrections don't care about fundamentals they will happen whether we like it or not simply because people who invest early will need to take profits and its is natural for a system to revert to the mean.

This bullish sentiment shows itself in the patterns of all the altcoins. This is because of mans love of speculation. I think what only matters is your trade volume at this point. You can put in low amounts in low volume coins make a 10x gain and liquidate that before the correction.

Random coins with dead developer/rookie developers that no ones analysed or knows about. They skyrocketed. Why? because people are bullish on the market and are speculating, the sentiment is shown in the pattern and price action.

We didn't buy nor invest in crypto. We decide to give up on the fake financial world and move to the genuine fair model. The stored resources (money is a store of our resources) in crypto are preserved, while in the bailout regular financial world, it's not.

From all the postings haejin has made, there have been plenty of patterns with the cup and handle. It's incredible just how regular we are seeing this. It just shows you the opportunities in this incredible area of crypto coins.

NEO to the moon.

Elliott Wave patterns are most common in charts of mass psychology. They are an imperfect science but do surprisingly appear more often than random. Its effectiveness can be really strong during times of volatility and movement - and in other times, when the market doesn't move much- then the pattern is not clear. So really depends on when the market decides to act in Elliott wave pattern or not. When it does, then it's much easier to predict each twist and turn.

Oftentimes, the pattern structure is much more predictable than the exact level. But it does help in providing guidance as to what to reasonably expect given what has happened.

Im both a musician and a lover of Neo. Neo is something special.

Sold most my NEO today before this post. I made almost 400% profit, so still very very happy! Think perhaps I will buy back plus a bit more at the end of the correction ;)
Thanks for recommending NEO, it has really been a great investment :)

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You may want to commit to holding a core position. Maybe you can watch the price regularly and are ready to trade in and out.

You are right. I have only been trading alts for about 4 months total (before that just BTC), so perhaps it is time to choose where to commit for the long haul... What are some of your key holdings, if you don´t mind me asking? :)

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I have a newsletter I follow so I can't give them out. But some I found on my own are:
They are all solving big problems, creating alternatives to the status quo or creating a new paradigm shift.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Damn shame OMG didnt make your list. I think its a big mistake to leave omg out of your portfolio. They are having all updates coming this year, price is already at 22 bucks. Imagine how far it can go as they release development updates. 100 is easy for OMG. It could be the next neo!

those are awesome progects

Thanks for sharing, I will check them out! :)

In case you don't know, if you go to, you can click on their price graph and go to their page. Then in the upper left hand side, there is a link to each coins website. I wish you the best with your investing!

I already knew but thanks for sharing your knowledge, I am sure it gives others the opportunity to learn more. I really do love that this community is soo helpful:)


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NEO/BTC still has the 0.011 target too! HODLING FIRM!!!

WOW! Neo is going to be HUGE! Waiting for pull back.

This was very helpful =)

I got into NEO fairly late, but it's great to know that a correction is coming / chance to accumulate more!!!

A targeted analysis cannot be possible.

It's crazy to think that some of these coins are going to explode so much. My wallet isn't ready for all this new money :) Mwahhaha.

Thanks, @Haejin.

You're the best!

I practice making Neo chart patterns as I wait for the next kaboom. thank you haejin for the demonstration

Thats looking awesome!

You guys think GAS will follow NEO on this massive way up?!

Well its been moving in the rigth direction for a while now! Lets hope for more!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Certainly. I can't wait. I'm projecting about 400 GAS per year dividend I'll be getting. Let's say it eventually hits $1000 in two years. That would be $400,000 per year dividend. I think I can live on this!!!!

GAS moves follow directly the moves of NEO. It's really incredible to watch. I smile when there are corrections, because it's just a chance for people to get a position.

wow! could you explain me how you do that?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Many of these cryptos have incredible objectives. NEO's objective is to create a complete digital economy in China. It's the only blockchain that meets the specification of the Chinese government, so it should be broadly adopted. When you buy a small dollar value in these cryptos with a great objective that is actually moving to meet it, it only takes a very small investment to get many coins to have a meaningful impact if held. The trick is to have a long term portfolio.

So many people I know think they are so smart that they are randomly following the price of cryptos and think they can successfully trade in and out. I'm not smart enough to do that, so I make sure to have a core holding. I suggest everyone does this first before trading. Then if you want to trade for profit, you have to have tools to do that effectively and haejin's lessons on Elliot Waves can enable this. Commit to buying the Elliot Waves book he recommends and reading it. I just started reading it this weekend.

With respect to dividends, some cryptos have dividends, some share in fees they rake from the use of their blockchain and some simply limit the total number of coins they will release and provide upside as demand for the coins increases as their platform is used. It just so happens that NEO pays a dividend.

Thank you for the answer! I have a small position in neo and gas, will keep an eye open for good buying opportunities!


neo to the moon

I fully agree NEO is going $1000+ far sooner then most people expect. Been holding my NEO since the days of Antshares as I had confidence that NEO would grow substantially in early 2018, which is now being confirmed to be true. HODL NEO!

Nice Bro

What about gas? I heard Neo will drag gas along with it.

I really hope, you are right!

Gracias por compartir tus análisis los tendré encuenta

Neo is my preferred major holding, I have been adding to it every week. It will be worth a tremendous amount of money very soon. HODL. and Earn Gas. I also love the cryptos that have been built on the Neo blockchain. By the way did anyone get a hashpuppy token?

thanks, can u make a TA for Ethos please?

Hi! Can you please look at SNM? It has good fundamentals

Thank you Haejin! Seems like XVG and TRX are just sitting at support atm.

Thank you for your valuable analysis which is very helpful for me. Which one do you think go higher between NEO and Qtum ?

neo wil explode for sure

Amazing how you can extrapolate these targets. Don't miss the forest for the trees!

And after all the China FUD too....NEO bloody deserves it. Way to go all!

I just made a post summarizing a lot of the previous Haejin's predictions and inserted them in a table! I am about to calculate the percentages and probably try some new ideas I have!

Neo One-Year Simulation

One-Year Simulated 1,000 Times

We can be 95% certain that NEO prices will fall between $3, and $3,076 with a median of $115. @haejin

Thanks for the update.. 👍

Hey nice post! Can you checkout my latest post (its about NEO!), I am doing a new series wich I want to do daily or weekly. Can you please check it out and give me your opinion on the post <3

Neo is getting huge ! No wonder to see NEO in top 5 anytime soon ! Great video :)

I count on it being in the top 5 as soon as we see some regulation in China that they announce and the Chinese get back into investing in it.

Thank you once again for the analysis Haejin. Any other Neos around??

What coins do you think are going to tank and never return? I'd be interested in knowing if any of the current popular alt-coins have no future.

sunguh interesting your articles i like if there is time come my blog thanks friends

Just to make it clear to new Investors.
If you fall in to that trap of buying at the top- at least buy the right coin. What that means? Simply "neo" for example producing gas. So regardless if you bough high you still getting more long term. by the time coin will be up again you will have extra gas and big smile on the face. Just make sure to check and dont go full in one coin. spread your bets.

@haejin great TA as always. This is for NEO/USD what about NEO/BTC?
I understand btc lagging bit. Can you update also with this chart?

Well , well , the brush strokes of Picasso, the words of the wise with a smothering of pure acacia honey , calm as the reflection of the TajMahal on a night of a full moon , the mind that is unparalleled in this dot of the pararell universe , maybe , the creators creation, the ultimate, being , the human , the ultimate gift , knowledge of numbers , Sir Haejin Lee you deserve the crown sir . Obliged CC05E98B-C925-4367-A4E0-4E5A77EBD619.png

Markets have collapsed. What is going on?

China is rattling it's sabre again.
Honestly the whole world would be better off if just banned government instead of allowing government to ban everything else.

What are your sources for recent, market-moving news? I look at Coindesk and don't see anything that would be a reason for or a response about this afternoon's downturn.

Great post! Just sold some NEO at $178 (which I bought at $28) in order to wait for the next dip now... Got insecure as it continued to rise... But this was the plan I had in mind.. To be able to buy more NEO´s in the dip and then HODL!
Thanks for sharing... makes me feel calmer with my decision!

you sold the tippy top!

what a nice post.
I love this post.

NEO was absolutely haywire yesterday, seems to have support around $160, I can see it breaking $200 before the end of February

I bought into this coin when it was antshares ... then I sold it :(

Jesus Christ. Portfolio getting absolutely hammered today.

Hey Haejin, I have only been on Steemit fo ra short while (and not posted anything yet) but I just wanted you to know that I have found myself, on several occasions now at your posts. Thanks so much for the equality input, it is comments and insights like yours (and many of the people who follow you) that make this forum a success. Although I have only been in th crypto space for a month or two I was lucky enough to see the potential in Neo and made it one the tokens on my shopping list. I am happy to say that I managed to get some and even happier that it is currently on the run that it is, however as much as i try to screen the news to see why now is its time I am at a bit of a loss. Do you think that it is simply hype that people are getting behind it now or maybe something more substantial like the Dev conference and the scheduled demonstration of Trinity? I would love to hear your thoughts or those of others who follow you. Thanks again J

hmm interesting. So its going parabolic no consolidation no correction? I still think it will double top and correct first. So we are going straight to 300? Hmm

NEO is the only big coin that gives awesome passive gains (seeing how GAS grow and will further grow as there are bunch of ICOs lined up to fire on the neo block chain). This will definitely be my long term investment

I hope so, I picked up some NEO at $30!

WOW! Neo is going to be HUGE! Waiting for pull back.

Yeah I've been following NEO also, some really excellent potential there.

NEO will have a pullback soon.


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Because look at moving averages. I understand haejin is saying 300. But common. Look at one day chart and see how far it is from moving averages. I can not say this enough. I have seen it over and over and over. Every coin after a big run will always correct and consolidate around daily moving averages. Just watch bitcoin when it went to 20k almost. Look at neo moving averages. I believe this chart long term. I honestly don't see this going to 300 before consolidation and correction.

OK thank you. I am brand new to this having got some musicoin due to my music being played so am trying to learn. Thank you for explaining. I can't say I understand it all but I am trying! :-)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

In the long term you are fine. But then again its crypto. We don't know how long a run lasts. But I think in short term we are going to top out. I saw the same with bitcoin on its run to 20k, now its back to moving averages. If you look at the one day chart that is more telling and enable the EMA averages. Yellow one is the one they will consolidate around for sure when they correct. Keep in mind when it makes a cup sort of shape it can make a good run, but then eventually it will correct.

OK thank you. I am going to watch the video again and read what you are saying again to get it clear!! :-)

I think that too. We will see this baby landing somewhere there where is arrow. I wouldn't go to far call it low 0.1 or even 0.009xxxxScreenshot at 2018-01-15 19-25-23.png

Awesome i believe it is better than etherium

Thank you for sharing! I gave you a vote!!

NEO to the moon guys, just HOLD it tight ............................

I come from aceh, can you see my introduction post briefly, if I am mistaken to post introductions I beg your comments.

i dont see some pictures

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Las ondas de Elliot. Una de las naturalezas del mercado que siempre va consigo. También pueden ser fracatales y se repiten en todos los mercados.

Ondas de Elliot + Fibonacci = WIN :)

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STOP FALLING FOR THIS BULLSHT. To all new crypto investors, TA is nothing more than gambling, no-one can predict the future. And his upvotes mean absolutely nothing. He is just making fancy drawings that don't mean sht. Stop upvoting and start flagging this piece of greed

I started right before the "crash" in December and still made x2 until now.
I wouldnt be there without knowing TA, and if its just to help not panicing.
And TA is about probabilities, not predicting the future.
Are you feeling me?

You're lying to yourself, TA is just one big fat lie. You either believe in a project and invest in it or you don't. But by just looking at a chart, doing some fancy drawing revealing 'patterns' indicating that the coin will rise that is just total garbage and you should never make investments based on this future predicting BS. He is just feeding on the upvotes from his naive followers that think he's actually going to make them rich.

Do you use a lot of Vaseline , 😳?

I think you're one of those guys who see negativity everywhere

  ·  2 years ago (edited)Reveal Comment

Exactly TA is used to determine if it's a good time to buy, but not to predict the future. Don't you understand that a coin rises in value when people believe in it or if the coin has good marketing, good team, good use case,... and NOT because a chart is forming a triangle or a cup with a handle????? It's just a lie and everybody is falling for it because every coin goes up sooner or later if the project is good. He's just feeding on your upvotes, piece of greed.

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