Cardano (ADA) Targeted for $2.73 or HIGHER!!

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Cardano (ADA) is ramping up as it had breached the bull flag to the upside! Elliott Waves and Chart Patterns are used to project future pathway for this very exciting and soon to be more profitable crypto!!

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I like Cardano here too

this one looks great. thank you so much!

Like many have said, ADA is a great coin for a long term hold and a solid entry would be key to making that type of position sustainable.

Great TA @haejin. Keep up the great work.

Bitshares is another coin, its going to 3x+, check out this great detailed report right here on

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it seems like ada is a good long term hodl.

Yes ADA is next ETH. And EOS is another one to watch

This one is amazing. Been holding and now buying WAY more.

Its explained in the video

@haejin whats about ICON???? What do you think about WANCHAIN?

Why is this post so short? Can you please explain more? Thanks for the post and sharing.

Could you please do an update on NEO?

I am also interested in this and I am asking for an update

Looks to have broken out of an ABCDE Triangle and just finished wave 1. Wave 2 comes next and then wave 3....UP!

I am still debating on this one.

can you do sentiment analysis for tezos based on the pre-launch graphs?

Great rise chart ! It's a great example of an investment...

ADA is fantastic. Long time holder.

How about BET? It seems to be doing the cup

I can make all of your predictions false, Haejin. All I have to do is buy the coins you say are going to rise and they will dive. Observe ADA right now. I bought about 900 when you posted this. Now ADA will forever dive and fade into obscurity. I have done the same to ICON and BTS. I am crypto-doom. I am become pink wojak, destroyer of gains.

Maybe its not you, maybe it is the predictions that are fffffed up? An alternate explanation. I wonder which explanation fits the facts better?

Lol funny, please dont buy more of anything :) Just kidding, market is scared right now with soo many new traders.. HODL and your profits will come!

Let us know when you sell, it'll surely go up then.

86 votes on this?! Your killing it my guy

Thank you very much for listening to my request and analyzing ADA!!!!

wow thats a nice infor iam going to invest in it big ibelieve its goig to have a promising future

Amazing! now i see if i will invest now on this kind of crypto.. Great blog

Leyendo sus post siempre aprendo algo nuevo, incluso de las personas que le hacen comentarios, por ejemplo, hoy aprendí algo sobre ADA, graciaz

Translation :
Reading your post I always learn something new, even from people who make the comments, for example, today I learned something about ADA, Thanks

Is Gamecredits (GAME) going up to $51.00

Is Cardano really one of the most promising coins in the future?

Great and i have also done Analysis on #ADA

Will it get there?

Btw, are most of the people here in the chat HODL-ers of ADA or looking for upswings to get in and out?


Newbie question I'm sure, but what duration are we talking about? Or it that not possible to predict?

Thank you so much for the detailed analysis. I really respect your work/posts. Do you have any thoughts on Cobinhood #cob exchange? I would really appreciate your opinion on it.

ADA is one of my favorites. You have perfectly backed my thoughts on Cardano. $2 to $5 in the short term. Thank You for the great post!

I recommend taking a look at VIBE. Looks like a great opportunity.

I like your post, I will vote for the visit my blog @idma and vote for me

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I hope even more what I wish you :)

Can you please take a look at WABI and SUB? @haejin

BIG big BIG things for Cardano in the coming months. You'll see! The haters must have blown their loads too early :/

3 months in steemit and I do not know yet all about crypto, this post is very informative!

is time a consideration in your analysis

Hi haejin, im holding Cardano very exciting time indeed keep up the great clips. Subscribed

I believe in Cardano, better technology wins!

A good HODL coin IMO, have been hodling for a while and now look like a good time to add to the position

Ada is the best coin

if it reach as you wrote, so many people will be bilioner

Great to see another analyst come to a similar analysis- let's see if it plays out.

Cardano is one of my favorite.. @haejin can you please mention the investment stategy with each currency.
For example ADA for long hold , xdn short term profit
It will help alooot.
Thanks for your valuable information

Hi @haejin, is the Dentacoin call still valid? Thanks

People that own Cardano should read Dan Larimer's review on it. As you know, Dan is the creator of STEEMIT, STEM, BITSHARES AND EOS, So he knows what he's talking about.

Crazy. $1 seemed a long way off, just a month ago, now we're getting close to $3. ADA all the way.

Very very hopefully, it should go high as you talk soon! Thanx for your analysis always.