Ethnic watermelon (Original music)

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Sometimes a watermelon can be a good percussion instrument. Enjoy :)

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That was crazy!
Catchy rythm. I don't know about the whole ethnic thing, but watermelons are delicious and it would have been a pity to ruin it after using it as drum.
Maybe you can try a taparo (calabash tree) next time :)

It can be a bit hollow inside and that should give you a higher pitch. If it breaks you can use to parts as soup dishes and the inside as hair conditioner

Thank you very much for your support! Very interesting about calabas! and what is this tree? how to make it? maybe you know how to process a watermelon so that it does not rot? can it be varnished?

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Haha. I don't know about the watrrmelon but the tapara can be pricessed into many utensils, including musical instruments such as maracas.

When it dries it gets a quasi-wood texture or firmness. When cut in half and used as container it is called totuma.

And it can be barnished after applying sand paper. It looks great

In which region does such a tree grow as in the picture?

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We have plenty of those in Venezuela, so I'm guessing it grows well in tropical weather

Creativity at its usual best, Appreciate the effort and the finding and it is fun to hear too. We used to make utensils of kitchen as Drums and other instruments, but watermelon, Never.

It is another speciality of steemit a social Media platform that we could be able to show our creativiy to other people without a second thought and if feels good it would be recognized and appreciated. And you were ably supported through Curie Curation. Cheers

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Thank you dear @angerlo! Your kind words always inspire!

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I've only just got to watch this as I usually don't have data to watch videos.. man, its fucking awesome music!!!

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haha) thanks for your review!

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Thank you so much! This big inspiration to me)!

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Many thanks! Love you)

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Can you do it with another fruit? :o hahaha I loved it a lot, I enjoyed it♡♡♡

I usually don't watch videos but I couldn't skip something called 'ethnic watermelon' :) Great mix! My husband does something like you did at the beginning with the watermelon too :) It must some thing that men like :)

It's great how you can create such a mixture by using just a few things. If I wouldn't have seen you I wouldn't be able to guess what you actually used.

Well done! Congratulations on your curie vote!

Thank you so much for the review and support!)

It must some thing that men like :)

Ha-ha))) This sentence amused me)

Thanks again for the kind words ...

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Epic :-) nice use of a watermelon, if only mushrooms could make a good instrument.

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