Working on the painting 'Dissolution of Form' - Part 2

in dtube •  24 days ago

Part 2 - painting the ground texture

Here is the second video of the progress of my painting "Dissolution of Form" from 2014. You can see how I mix and paint the ground texture in several layers. I'm using acrylic colors, water and an acrylic medium (Lascaux Medium 3 Satin).

The previous video:!/v/gric/fggqaxmf

The finished painting can be seen here:

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Thank you guys!

I remember the pot you used - you once served bean goulash to us 🤣
...... can't help myself, am on a silly streak.
I approach my painting in a similar way. At times I can't help playing with it because the accidental shapes created give some ideas about how to proceed next. At times when I have a specific goal in mind I almost don't want to paint over it, enjoying the abstract.
I sometimes use a window squeegee to spread the paint over large areas.
I see your cat in the video - maybe use her, haha - instead of a rag
when acrylics are dry, particularly if it is just a thin film, you can use a spray of alcohol just the same way you use water.


Otto, I need you to come for a few days and show me your technique!!!

😦 o waaw! Top - notch! Schaut die ganze Zeit irgendwie perfekt aus.
Und wo du plötzlich in Zeitraffer warst :D cool, Geräusche wie aus dem Weltall! 🙆‍♀️



I'm an old die-hard oil girl. Of course I moved to digital but even in that when I 'paint' I often default to oil. You are making me consider some acrylics on canvas this Summer. Of course it's the only time I can really consider it, as then I have my Summer studio open and can make a mess, right now I'm happy for my 'studio in my bag' concept, as I am not at home again and when I can steal a moment it's nice to have it ready.

Yet, I am missing the messy close the door and play about in the studio feeling. It will come again, as will Summer and the heat...I hope.

I have to watch your video now :)


I wouldn't mind the winter, I just can't wait to have long days again!

Lol you had a little focused student...your cat :)
Thank you for having made me remember that, ages ago, I did something similar with my mother with oil colours, but much smaller. I didn't remember it anymore. Now I will find that jobs in my house.
Bye Bye

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Thanks @lallo!

I can see this being therapeutic once you get into it, but I can't see myself having this much patience. Good work!


Thank you @leveste!