The Standalone DTube Uploader; A Decentralized Path for DTube

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For the past few months I've steadily been working with @vaultec and @techcoderx, building out the concept for a standalone DTube application anyone with a Steem account can run on Linux, Windows, and Mac. What is it? The idea is to post DTube videos directly inside the Steem blockchain using Steem Keychain and IPFS with only a few clicks and a PC/internet.


The plan is to end up with two separate applications, one for posting videos, and one for watching/hosting them. Today i'd like to go over the ideas I have for the DTube Standalone Uploader . Vaultec is working on the DTube Standalone Viewer application, that will be the decentralized version of

I would like to go over the pros and cons of the Standalone DTube Uploader.


  1. Extremely versatile, works with Linux/Windows/Mac

  2. Enables vertical implementation of content by its creators. Creators control every aspect, from posting to collecting the Steem rewards, to the hosting, it's all up to the users to choose, giving more choice in a free market

  3. Efficiencies can be gained from using IPFS based content sharing versus the HTTP style websites like and

  4. Easy to use for non computer savy people

  5. 100% Earnings share possible

  6. Possible to have evergreen earnings while keeping keys decentralized (you earn money from old videos)

  7. Enables free speech for all users, no one site or platform can ban any single user from the overall DTube network/ecosystem. With the standalone application the users connect directly to IPFS and the Steem Blockchain with no single person in between.


  1. You need your own computer with at least 4gb of ram and a solid internet connection to post the videos and have them active/online.

  2. IPFS is under development. It can use up internet resources as well as CPU/memory.

The beta version for Linux and Mac is close to completion. My plan is to have a beta version released for all operating systems including windows soon. I believe fully decentralized applications can help us take the power away from big tech and decentralize it all around the world.

This enables the people to be the hosts of their own data instead of giant corporations who have their own vested interests. Join our discord and pick our brains.

Leave a comment below if you can dream up any features you would like to see inside the Standalone DTube Uploader.


Good article, I can't wait to see all of DTube become a standalone app. Making progress in building a standalone DTube app, completely designed from scratch using reactJS and electron. I would love some help from anyone experienced in react or electron. Especially in terms of app layout. Join us on the discord server!

I’m looking forward to this.

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Love this buddy, so stoked to see a individual solution come to life. Geat Post!

I know this is a bit out side direct upload features, but what I'd really love is something where I could set 100GB or so and have it autopin 100GB worth of dtube videos from people I follow. It would probably need to unpin automatically to pin newer content too.
Probably more in line with your feature set:

  • auto-encoder to get a good balance of quality, compatibility and file size.
  • some hints about encodings so I don't do something really stupid
  • update IPFS to run in tor mode (without leaking public ips)

I like each point, really solid ideas. Thanks for sharing them. The autopin feature would enable small communities to be able to host each others files. That is really important for content speed and redundancy (file redundancy equals speed and accessibility with ipfs).

Exactly. They could even coordinate to ensure a minimum number of copies are available.

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Do you plan on opensourcing the project?

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It will be released as free software yes. :)

Dude, this is a really cool project. I just talked to tibfox on my podcast on Saturday. One of the things I think would be neat is if ipfs pinning of the video files could happen automatically either to a service or is easy to run on your own computer. Like 3 tiers, pay for through post payouts, self pinning, or monthly payment to a service provider of ipfs pinning.

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for me i Actually stopped running ipfs and stopped using linux because i need to use windows to do some quick important stuff

And the ipfs tech need a lot of development to make it using easier for newbies, if this happened a lot of people will use it

You can run IPFS on windows. The application will be built for windows.

we are waiting for it, then I will run my node again for dtube

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