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RE: The Standalone DTube Uploader; A Decentralized Path for DTube

in #dtubelast year (edited)

I know this is a bit out side direct upload features, but what I'd really love is something where I could set 100GB or so and have it autopin 100GB worth of dtube videos from people I follow. It would probably need to unpin automatically to pin newer content too.
Probably more in line with your feature set:

  • auto-encoder to get a good balance of quality, compatibility and file size.
  • some hints about encodings so I don't do something really stupid
  • update IPFS to run in tor mode (without leaking public ips)

I like each point, really solid ideas. Thanks for sharing them. The autopin feature would enable small communities to be able to host each others files. That is really important for content speed and redundancy (file redundancy equals speed and accessibility with ipfs).

Exactly. They could even coordinate to ensure a minimum number of copies are available.

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