Coin Management - 5 Categories to split your Pump Profits into.

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Crypto Currency Management – 5 categories you should split your Pump Profits into.

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Now I am operating under assumption that once you have exchange fiat for Crypto. You are not going to exchange crypto back into fiat ever. EVER.

Categories are not transferable

  1. Spending – 10%
    I always put 10% because if you are investing big in crypto you might be running short in fiat to maintain your day to day spending now there are more ways to spend crypto now compared to 3 years ago. I typically use coin desk here in Canada to spend my coins and, because I know how important it is to treat your self or maybe family.

  2. Savings – I always dedicate at least 10% into this account. This is for emergency only and Always Cold storage in hardware wallet. It is the only place you could keep it safe.

  3. Investment - 65%, I usually split the amount into 3 sub-categories. Cash, Short term, Long term.

a. Cash (BTC) – This is the fund you keep at hand so you could buy the dips every time the alt coins of your choice dips so you won’t be empty pocket and could take advantage for future profits. Basically, this will allow you to buy whatever you want at whenever you want. This would be our freedoms or Options Bin.
b. Short term – These are your profit coins where you have Zero attachment and you buy and sell purely for profit. These are the coins you don’t give a Sh!t about, you are in it just for the profit.
c. Long term – These are going in your Accumulating coins. These are the coins that you are very passionate it and you care for them and wish for the best outcome. You will generally only sell in the next bull run when its 10-50x

  1. Family – 10%, This is be the most important categories because this is the place where you could show your family that you are living in the basement with no social interaction for a good reason. Buy them something nice, take them out to dinner. There are plenty of gifts cards you can buy with Crypto. This is the place where you could change their minds.

  2. Neighbours/Friends -5%
    Same with the family this is your relationship category. That you want to keep building because at the end of the day. Building a strong relationship and network is the one of the most important thing you can do in life. And it will make your life much much easier and happier.

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Exchange I use

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