How to Grow a Fig Tree from a Cutting | Propagate Figs for your Garden

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Don’t get caught paying for fruit trees, when you can easily clone them for free, Today I will show you how to grow a fig tree from a cutting that you can plant in your own garden. Fig trees are one of the easiest fruit trees to propagate, if you follow the right steps and exercise patience you will be able to clone your own fig trees, and there is nothing better then free fruit trees.

Felco Pruning Shears (F 7)

Clonex Rooting Gel, 100 ml

FoxFarm Happy Frog, 2 Cubic Feet Potting Soil, Brown



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Well @gardeningchannel, not exactly a "world record" response time, but I have finally written the post I indicated I would last summer! I won't bore you with life events, etc. intervening ...

As you and the influence you have had on my beloved lifemate and I is featured, you may find it of interest.

Reflections: Permaculture, Food Forests, and "Back to Eden!"

We continue to watch your videos and always admire your enthusiasm, as well as the hard-earned knowledge and wisdom you have and are continuing to gain along the way. And you and Tuck faithfully "bringing it" with each new release!

Please "keep on keeping' on" with your content creation. We look forward to what you are inspired to say and continue to support it!

God bless you and yours in the weeks and months to come. 😊 👍

P.S. A quick check of this post and I see my upvote did not appear. 😧 We have you on autovote and sometimes our VP gets below the threshhold and does not execute. 😞 In lieu of that, the best I can do is upvote any comment you might feel inclined to make.

Hey there. I just saw a couple of your YouTube videos (investigating the Back to Eden method today...) and heard you mention Steem, so I'm glad to run into you here!

I would just invite you to join Discord as well, particularly, you might be interested in the @naturalmedicine tribe/community which definitely encourages homesteading as one of its branches (oh man, the puns start) of interest.

I'm hoping to start homesteading again this coming year, hopefully getting some BtE style beds together before the long Wyoming winter. I have sandy (sometimes clay) alkali soils to contend with and if anything can fix it, I think this is the best hope. (I could also see hay being a more appropriate mulch here, but we'll see what we can find.)

Oh I’m interested I feel steem is a bit of a ghost town and would love to meet like minded crestors there

I have some fig trees I just grew from some fig seeds from putting the fruit in soil last year they are quite big now :)

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