This Method of Saving Seeds is GUARANTEED to Work for Your Garden

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A successful Garden starts with high quality seeds. Using the the right techniques and methods is what will lead to bigger healthier plants and ultimately bigger harvests.



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Friend @gardeningchannel It is wonderful to learn daily techniques for saving, in this case for sowing using the right method and the right seed we can cultivate and better use the environment, collaborating with nature with less waste. Thanks for your post.

You’re welcome @fundakantoria, thanks for watching and engaging 😁❤️


You have nothing to be thankful for, it's a beautiful and fascinating job.

hey man, i've been on skillshare for years. if you need any help with setup or questions just let me know. subbed to this! :) --- i make a near daily blog post called "hello human" -- engaging and following with fellow dtubers for help, assistance and just to outreach. i tried your youtube link in this post and it did not work btw. great to see someone sharing real world skills here about food production! would love to follow on youtube if you can give me a link

i found the link -- -- maybe turn the link into a link or link that way on dtube it won't cut it off because the url will be small. cheers man! :) -- i went ahead and made you one! --

Awesome!! Thank you my @teamhumble, I didn’t even know the link wasn’t working. 😂

i'm just a really anal details person at times. lol. and then at others i don't give a fuck ;)

I know what you mean lol 😂

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