Dcontest With Seven77

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It's Monday and the weather looks great so far.

Everyone wins something

In this video I talk about @dcontest, started by @freecrypto and @neavvy, and they have contests exclusively for participants of #seven77 right now, it's free to participate and everyone wins something.


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Erik Gustafsson


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@flaxz, nice video! Thank you for spreading the word about @dcontest! A few days ago on of my videos was chosen by @dcontest as the video/post of the day. And I was very happy.

p.s. I recorded this video in a very nice and awesome place!

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Thanks @cryptospa, I think they are doing a great job supporting seven77 and that more steemians should join in, have a nice day.

Thanks a lot buddy for talking & Spreading words about dcontest 😊 , Highly appreciated it :)

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Thank you for creating it and using it to support seen77. 👍

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Thanks. 👍
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