Happy New Year 2018 - The Most Important Year of Our Lives

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This is the final video for 2017 and I am looking back to how much Steem has changed my life in one of the most difficult years of my life. And I am looking forward as well and invite you all to join the Steem game to make 2018 our most important year of our lives.

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Nice work @Flauwy you deserve all the rewards Steemit has given you and all those that will come in 2018. I'm looking forward to a great year! Happy New Year!


Thank you so much. We will conquer the internet together!

Pretty much did the opposite of what you suggested in the video last year and now can't believe it. Made an account last year but only came back and started posting last week! Don't do what I did and wait, get started now and when Steem goes to the moon you'll be there too. I'm kick starting my steem journey into 2018!


Listen to Sam, everyone!

Don't be like Sam 2017, be like Sam 2018!


haha so true! Sam approved 👊 we've got this everyone. Now I just need one of those reddit style /remind me bots for this post. hmmm maybe that's another a utopian-io project for me :)


Exactly same but not with steemit but with cryptocurrency I knew about Cryptocurrency From 2016 but only bought in January 2017 which I spent most of it here And there


May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions.
Happy New Year Mate


Since I don't have any resolutions I guess trouble will stay away then. :D

Man - it's a really good format for you!!! I enjoy steemy vids, but THIS video had me laughing out loud so many times! Also the quick cuts work great for you and I think it brings out your humor! It is inspiring to hear that you EARNED your steem as well. I am posting to facebook today (for the first time in a year) to encourage everyone to abandon ship, and get on board the blocktrain, and I might link this video.. is it ok?


Of course! All posts on the blockchain belong to the public. And sharing is something we all need to do more to promote Steem.

2018 will be an epic year indeed! Great vid!

Amazing stuff. I got started with my first Asic Blade (13 gh/s) when BTC was around $70. The growth over the last 6-7 years has always been impressive to me, but 2017 took crypto to a whole new level. It will be interesting to see which of the big 2017 ICO's pan out and how many end up as a bust. Also, everyone should be protecting their accounts and coins from hackers using the best means possible. The recent sudden growth of crypto has unfortunately brought with it an uptick in hacking/scams as well.

With that said I hope everyone has a great 2018. To the moon....


Security is indeed a very important topic for all of us but that is also true for all technology now and even more in the future.

Happy new year :)🎊


Happy New Year! Würde mich freuen mit dir mal ein Bierchen zu trinken wenn sich die Gelegenheit ergibt!

Happy New Year
Hope 2018 is better than 2017 for you
Thank you for your videos I'm new here and have been learning for your videos
2018 is gonna be a great year I think it's going to be a great year for Crypto


2017 started tough but turned amazing. 2018 will start amazing and end mindblowing.


Awesome man

Happy new year buddy. Here’s to a great 2018!


Let's make it THE year!

Happy new year to you @flauwy.


Happy new year to you and the great Nigerian Steem community!


Thank you very much friend.

@flauwy steem has changed my life also now i just like to use steem rather than fb because steem is the future of social media ...Nice vlog


It will change everything

anyway to do videos on D tube, when videos are not uploading?


Try different browsers. If nothing helps contact @heimindanger on Discord. He is the project owner of DTube.

Happy new year! =D

Happy new year to you as well. I hope you have a great year ahead of you :)


I think we all have a great year ahead of us!

happy new year do hard work always for success


Harder than ever before but with more fun and free time than ever before as well!


This is the stuff that I like to read.
More Steemians need that level of dedication!

Happy New Year!


And to you as well!

téléchargement (1).jpg
From Morocco

happy new year ,nice video bro ,feeling nice to watch your video

You have the same receding hair that I have! I had beautiful thick hair 2 years ago and now it's all gone! Fuck my life :( I'm gonna become a Steem millionaire and buy new hair. And make a video about it. I promise.

why does it take so long to upload a video, where step 3 is spinning for 30 minutes? (enter title and details)?

steemit is an sos in a desert or put better an oxygen mask

Congratulations on your success. Great inspiration for all of us.


Constant work pays off quickly here!

You made it
I made it
We all did.
Happy new month and happy new year to you. May this year become fruitful to you and me.
Let's do this.

I thank you for the well wishes. I too believe in the value of these platforms. I can see content value increasing without all the garbage in the way.

happy new year from the hearts of Africa , have fun man

Good job @Flauwy
Wish you all the best for 2018 !

Good job @Flauwy
Wish you all the best for 2018 !

Nice ....very very
Introduction widiaendah plis
Vote me plis

I very happy for you @flauwy. I wish you continued success. I hope Steemit will change my life as well too. I recently registered and I like it here.

Happy new year @flauwy!

Happy new year 2018

May this New Year brings you a peace filled life, warmth and togetherness in your family and much prosperity! Happy New Year!

Happy new year sire

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2018

More SBD and Steem to your wallet

Happy new year to you @flauwy. Another 365 days of opportunity for all of us.

happy to see your blog buddy thanks for sharing Happy New Year

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Joining steem was best idea I had in 2017. My youtube channel got demonetized and I was looking for a way to make income online. When I found steemit I couldn't believe it. Get paid to post on social media, the thing I was doing all day anyway? And it worked, I made easy cash from SBD. While in retrospect I wish I had invested more when steem was a buck I am pretty darn happy with Steem experience

this year will be my steemit year

Happy New Year! @flauwy

Happy New Year pretty cool video to check out steem has changed a lot of life :)

Great work, keep it up, wish you a love new year

wow this is the best video i have seen great summary of how things have gone so nice bro :) and Happy New Year

arghhh, 'the media could not be loaded...' error :(

Happy New Year Friends best regards


Oh yeay.. cmon sir here we are. It was really nice video. Happy new year sir @flauwy 🤓 keep be a succesfull and a good man.

video won't play :(

Good post. . . no great post! i'm going to go as far as inspirational post! 2018 move into steem, making more time to enjoy peoples content and post, and comment (like this comment) and say a bit more then just good post! Something personal show i watched to the end . . . what a nice cat, great cat an inspirational cat!

nice post you are one of the People who's post is really good. wish you a happy new year. best regards tobi

Man, it has been great to watch you. thanks for the inspiration and the guidance to rock in @dtube, @utopian and @busy. I'm putting all my power, energy and time in Dtube this year. I'm uploading some of my old vlogs in Spanish and would continue to create just for Dtube, in English and Spanish. I'm so looking forward to seeing what's coming next from your side. Peace!

I am glad to see you happy and excited! Your garden is incredible man. I wish you and your family a successful, healthy and happy 2018!

It's the most important year for me. Where I start earning money for creating my own content and living the life I've dreamed of. Long live Steemit! May all of you prosper.

You are really good with making DTube videos to make a point and the humour really adds your personal touch to it. May 2018 be a better year than 2017 even for you (and for all of us too) .. Cheers!

I love this vid!!!!!!!!! <3