Steemy Vlog 10: Hardfork 20 "Velocity" - Let's Open the Floodgates!

in dtube •  10 months ago

Steemy is talking about some of the upcoming hardfork 20 changes to the Steem blockchain. The changes will prepare us for a larger scaling and an onslaught of new users. 2018 is looking glorious!

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Very interesting video. I'd like to see more information about the mining of Steem


I will see if I find more info about that. Sounds really interesting.

Wow decent changes incoming, its pointing in the right direction. Scaling is the winning target aroound the whole cryptomarket



awesome DTube intro as well !


I am glad you mention it. I got it from a contribution. I think it was from @oendertuerk.


also, I see you are a member of Qurator, they announced they will no longer be leaving the larger banner comment in the comments sections of posts (starting tomorrow). They will still follow the same upvote system, just no banner. I guess some people felt it cluttered up the comments . Anyway figured I'd let you know.


Thx for the info, I didn't read that post. I think I am with @qurator since day 1 of the project. The comment is indeed best left out.


looks very professional, he did a great job on it !

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how does the consensus occur on steem blockchain before a hardfork? I'm curious what happens if the consensus is not 100% and some people refuses to accept the hardfork? Then do the blockchain splits and we have two new chains each running independently? I'm just a curious noob who wants to learn more..

Nice updates once with the new fork and well presented information. Glad I stumbled upon this descriptive post as it prepares me for the upcoming changes. While some of them have more positive impact (lower voting time, greater impact), others seem quite negative (lower voting rewards).
Nevertheless, glad to have been updated with these and will keep track on future data.


I think the lower rewards will not really be noticable as far as I understand them. There are more features to the fork like the community accounts. They will need a video of its own.

Nice video- I like that you slowly and methodically go through everything so that everyone can understand.

I agree with all changes they have made and it seems very good. I especially like that they changed the time from 30 to 15 for full curation reward. 15 minutes makes more sense as you say, Since we now have more shorter content .

How was your Xmas by the way ? How do you celebrate it over in Costa Rica ?


It was good, we went to the beach the days before and celebrated with some friends and family. It is similar to what I am used to from Germany. Gifts on the 24th after dinner. :)


Xmas at the beach sounds pretty nice ! In Sweden the main celebration and exchange of gifts is also on the 24th .

Will new users still receive some delegation from @ steem though?


That is a very good question. I think they will not but I am not sure. Something to investigate.


I see. Since they'll be burning the creation fees (i.e. no Steem Power balance), I kind of just assumed they would continue delegating since new users won't be able to vote AT ALL with zero Steem Power. Does that make sense?


That's a very good idea, bravo!

These are some great changes, but WHAT ABOUT SEARCH FUNCTIONS and MESSAGING?!?!?

Great video as always, @flauwy + Steemy.

· (Russian Steemit fork) has already stated they'll be implementing on-chain private messaging... That is if they EVER implement the next HF; the devs are lazy ass gopniks with vodka replacing their morning coffee... >:(((


You can use AskSteem, it works really well, much better than Stinc® could make.


It certainly does! Thank you!


Yes, these two are some features I also miss. However, this is about the Steem blockchain and not the Steemit platform. These changes will takes place on all platforms like Steemit, DTube, Utopian, Busy and so on.


I am still so new to the nuances of steem, I probably could find a better place to ask these questions, but @flauwy, you seem to be the smartest steemian I know so...

  1. Looking for an easy way to message in the steem world, I came across many posts that said is the way to go. I decided to (finally) try out, and it's quite nice, I must say! Except that I have become quite accustomed to 'night mode' recently.
    Anyway - I see no messaging or group chat of any kind... any insight?

  2. MAIN QUESTION: I had noticed a some weeks ago that I was seemingly auto-voting on content! I discovered this by accident as I was searching for the latest content from @cryptodaily, and I saw I had voted on every single post from the past few weeks. I was a little concerned, as I have never used any type of auto vote service - but I really didnt care that much as I love @cryptodaily, so what the heck right?
    However - today , using's awesome activity function I saw that I have also been somehow auto upvoting on @corganmusic for the past three months!!!
    As far as I can tell I have never even visited this particular blog, and I have no memory of engaging with any type of auto upvote service. Why am I auto upvoting these accounts? How do I stop? How did I start?

Thank you in advance!


Thanks for the compliment.

  1. There was a messaging function on the first version of Busy. But now with the Beta of v2 they got rid of it because nobody was using it. Instead, people use SteemitChat or even better Discord. On SteemitChat you will find the majority of Steemians but you will find more action and groups on Discord. Beware people who ask you for money there because there are imposters as well. Come and find me on Discord and we have a chat. :)

  2. This can have many reasons but is for most likely related to a 3rd Party app that you have giving access to your account. Try to double-check Streemian, SteemVoter, SteemAuto (probably not because newer than 3 months) for example. If all doesn't help you can reset all your keys and make sure that any association to all 3rd party apps will be killed 100%. I have never done that before so I am not clear on how that actually works but I know this feature exists! That is what you need your private owner key for as far as I know.

But on Steemed it looks like only Busy has your posting key:



Ah right! I see.

That’s some exciting changes!


Yes, they will create plenty of new opportunities for all of us!

I am happy with the new changes, this will be beneficial for newbies like me who doesnt have high upvoting power. This is a win win for everyone. I appreciate this update, thank you very much @flauwy ! Resteemed.


Thanks @leahlei, let's hope that the hardfork comes soon.

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I am a new steemer. I will visit frequently. I will follow you, too. Have a good day

Amazing post my friend @flauwt

this hardfork is similar to bitcoin cash


No because here Steem doesn't split into two chains but the whole network adopts the changes.

Nice information, a lot of thanks

Awesome vlog. I just started my own blog about BitConnect I explain it all in this last post. Check it out everyone and follow for more updates.👇

And would appreciate all the support like resteems and upvotes as I'm new to steemit and looking to build my following and network with others.👍🤓

really interesting more value on SBD?


No, not really. In fact the witnesses try to stabilize the SBD price by changing the ratio of SBD <-> Steem to 75% <-> 25%. But that is unrelated to the hardfork and already is in place.


No one has said anything about "stabilizing" anything. What they mean is that they will update the price feed of STEEM and SBD which has nothing to do about stabilizing anything, but will work to provide an easier view on the internal market about the prices, i.e. the prices will be showing in SBD to STEEM as opposed to STEEM to SBD. So instead of seeing "0,36", you will see "2,72" to make it easier for people dealing on the internal market.

SBD is now trading as a stand-alone coin because of a ton of new traders going into it and there's nothing anyone can do about that, and neither should they; anyone wanting it come down is a complete nut and should probably seek professional help.

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Nice to hear about that, looking forward to benefit from this fork hard hehehe.

cool the much awaited video thanks for sharing this one :)

Good News for everyone! thanks for share @Originalworks


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Thanks for making me aware of these changes!

I am so glad that I came across this post and actually found out about stuff before it actually happens!

Looks like we’ve got an exciting future ahead!

Wow @flauwy! I am glad I stumbled upon your post! In some ways, I am excited about​ some of the changes and in others way, ​ I am not sure. I guess I was just now getting where I felt like I had a hang of what is going on here on the platform. ​I guess we shall see how it goes. Are they introducing mining for regular users or is it still for a few people?​

Thanks for the info - after watching your video my curiosity was ignited and u read the whole long post about the coming important changes, so thanks for it - you motivated me to dig deep into the fork. But - could you explain what hardfork means in our case? I really have no idea 🙂

No steemy, don't do it!

No official date yet.

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Great post there, keep up good work !

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Saya sangat menyukai posting anda

Its awesome. Thanks for the info :)