The Steemy 2018 Special - The Future Of Steem Looks Very Promising

in dtube •  10 months ago

We made it into 2018 and Steemy is looking at the current status quo of the Steem blockchain. And the numbers look very, very promising! Let us make 2018 the Year of all Years.

Thank you Steemit, @dtube, @busy and @utopian-io for these marvelous platforms based on Steem!

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Thanks to introduce us @dtube, @busy and @utopian-io, they are good for us! Hope there will be more great platform in 2018!

I hope STEEM (or dApp) can eventually replace Facebook!

This is going to be Steem year I know it!🚀


It is very promising, imagine the rate now. Even the Steem Dollar is making us proud

good analysis keep it up

2018 is definitely going to be the year of Steem!

happy new year

This is a prosperous and good way to start 2018 with a rapid boost in steem. Steem straight to the moon

Good.. especially in the very promising steemit gets a big profit opportunity...go steemit 2018. @flauwy

The things I have learned are worth more than any amount of money along the way. I see the world in a much different way after all I have learned since starting with Blockchains. I really believe the world is moving into a better place. In the words of the great Naveen Jain we all should "have a mindset of abundance". This blockchain can be a tool to change the world for good and teach people many things if used in the right way. Knowledge is power and It will be a blockchain full of knowledge. The Steem blockchain is getting stronger by the day. We have seen some amazing growth since this blockchain started and I know this is only the start. When we have a fully refined product it will be capable of doing things we cant even imagine yet. The addition of SMTs into the blockchain will be interesting and will change the way we think about the internet and what is possible. Communities and forums are a massive part of the internet. The possible applications of SMTs are amazing to think about. With Steemit and Steem we are already making changes in places that need it and giving help to those in need. Imagine what the future holds for us and this blockchain.

Very informative blog and vlog as well, good research analysis.

Happy new year everyone!
thank you

It will great if everyone could write about their story
Good to here some great news about steem

Happy new year!!! You might like these new years pictures an AI produced check it out

Steem is hitting record highs today

Good Luck to everyone this Year!

steem is the upcoming strong cryptocurrency next to bitcoin

Thanks for the analysis @flauwy!

Excelent post, great quality of video!
Greetings for Venezuela! Happy new year!

Good Timing on the video as we just reach a new all time high ! Congratulations 🎈🎊🎉🍾

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its the year of steem interesting things happening

Steem has exceeded all my expectations in 2017. I saw a lot of people power down and quit. For a while I wondered if it was a sinking ship. I believe now the future here is bright

I am very excited about this

good analysis bro keep it up

the future is bright just like a diamond

Happy new year man, steem gonna rock this year

Indeed and I love how you kept it simple. I'm personally looking for a great year in the steem blockchain technology

the future is indeed the best now

This year will be known as bitcoin year or steemit year because both will create a new record of increasing in their value

2018 is already starting out great for Steem.

It surely does look promising . But we do not want to get happy with it fast due to fluctuations is having these days . The values it has gone trough are different from time to time.
Keep on steeming.

good post. can make me and all readers interested and follow you .. really be an example in writing .. i like your post .. thanks for sharing ...

Yes the future of this community is promising. Hope we get a proper exchange for Steem this year as well. By the way, I'm new & please support me by giving your time on my very first post here. It is a dtube video as well.

GO Steem!

The numbers today looks very promising just imagine the future :)