Vlog #78: Completely set for Steemfest 2. Platinum ticket bought.

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Watch Vlog #78: Completely set for Steemfest 2. Platinum ticket bought. video on DTube

Most of what I earned with my blogging efforts is still on the platform. I sold some SBD was when it was >$1.30. That was Just too good of a deal. But I have never powered down.

My blogging efforts are doing well and I have accumulated some SBD I have no need for at this time. Buying a platinum ticket seemed like a good way to spend it because it covers all my expenses + 50% of someone else.

What a great way to give some of my earnings back to the platform that has truly changed my life.

Also, on a sidenote, I don't want to feel guilty when I drink the whole bar :)

Project Steemfat is in full effect at the moment but there will be none of that in Lisbon, just like in London. Holiday and Steemfat don't mix!

I intend to have as much fun as possible.

I can't wait for it to start, it's going to awesome!

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Steem Fest sounds incredible man. Being able to meet other Steem members and witness the culture of Steemit would be a very exciting and wise investment for the long term Steem holder who believes in the platform. The knowledge you could gain from talking Steem and crypto with other members who have been here from the start would be invaluable.

That's awesome that @twistychips preferred to be paid in Steem Power. Just goes to show his belief in Steem. I've only invested a small amount in Steem so far but if it drops down under .60 I will back up the truck. I thought I had missed the opportunity to get in early, but since the market is all out of whack with BTC and BCH right now, I might indeed have that chance.

Hope your mom gets to feeling better man and have a great Saturday with little Sam and the family.

I am giving you my maximum upvote because I can not attend the festival and celebrate. Not only are you going, but you are going platinum to help others. I applaud you! For me, giving to others is the spirit within the platform: it's foundation. Thanks for going Platinum!

Congratulations on your success on steemit. You deserve the trip to Lisbon. Remember to take lots of pics to share with us when there. I laughed when I read project steemfat and holidays don't mix.At that time take a break from steem fat,let loose and enjoy all the delicious food. Wishing you all the best


I'm sure I'll make a blogpost or two :)

I've just spent all my steem dollars buying steem on the internal market. It is so cheap at the moment for some weird reason and it has went sub $1 which is absolutely crazy. I guess we will have to be a little more patient until we see the next boom.

Unfortunately, I can't come to steemfest this year as I definitely don't have enough money as well as I have work commitments. I have plans to come next year.

If it were me I'd always go for the cheapest option but I understand why you wouldn't go for the minnow ticket. So when it says minnow ticket covers '33%' is that saying someone else pays for the other 67% for you? I don't think I'd ever be able to pull myself to do that.

Steemfest sounds absolutely amazing. An all inclusive package and 1900 steem. It just warms my heart seeing how generous the organisers are covering peoples cost and giving everyone the best time possible.

It is cool that @twistychips is in for the long term and decided to take steem over SBD. I'm trying to do the same while steem is at this price.

I can't wait to see a few pictures of Sam haha
I hope your mum gets better @exyle! :)


Last Steemfest all the drinks and food were free. Plus a whole bunch of other things cost money to organise. I believe a minnow ticket covers 33% of what you as a person really cost. A gold ticket covers 100%. So yes someone else pays the other 67%.....who I don't know. Maybe whales may be Steem Inc.

steemfest sounds like so much fun!! being around others with similar interests and like minded individuals allows you to form a bond that lasts a lifetime! i love dtube and now it's my first stop, even before steemit. I don't know if that's good or bad. :) you and bianca have a great time!!


Thank you so much!

Good one indeed,upvoted, always- will like to go too. Is there a website to see all infos including ticket and accomodation?
Guess it will be good to start looking at ticket and accomodation


Thanks guess that the ticket takes care of only the event and not accomodation

We need few more personalities like you @exyle , who had never power down and always believe in sharing the wealth with all the members of this great platform... you truly deserve huge appreciation!

I'll try to win ticket for Steemfest in video contest. Maybe we'll meet in Portugal :)
BTW Do you play poker in the pokerroom, that you promoted?


Goodluck with the contest. No, I don't play.


thx ;)

Good work @exyle I hope you have a great time and thank you for sharing certain aspects of your life in a way I feel identified I am also in the process of changing lifestyle, I want to resume painting and sculping that is what I do best, I have lost a lot of time playing video games. :P


I lost so much time playing World of Warcraft. I know the feeling.

Please post photos. I'm a little jealous. Enjoy the holiday and be safe.


I will. But it will be a while. 1st November.

Hope you enjoy it man! I wish I could go too, but atm just not able to afford it. Was reading about it yesterday and it sounds awesome. Also, Lisbon is a great city to visit. Maybe next year at Steemfest 3 ;)


Thanks, man! hopefully, you can make the next fest!

Have a great time (I am sure you will!)
I look forward to hearing all about what went on soon x

Hope your mum gets better!


Thank you, Rea!

yeah many person are very excited to attend this steemfest but it will be to expensive i think @exyle sir and also u sold sbd on a good price and hope ur earning from ur blog go more up sir

You are giving back to this community a lot so it the best use of your rewards to use in that way :) its always a great time seeing your Vlogs and yeah i am excited to see your Posts from steemfest keep us updated and keep steeming :)

Won friend,great you had already bought the tickets. You are enjoying your life fully ,if I be there, but I will definitely try my best to get the level. Wish you good luck and good health.

@exyle “now you easily showing your excitement for a post with good news, cheer up a friends. You are truly lucky you to ready to go steemfest and meet new acquaintances and discover new places I had a wish for quite some time to stay abroad for a longer time to get to know a particular country and its people better.
Best of luck


Thank you!

Wait a minute! Is that a Pokemon T-shirt I see in the thumbnail? That's crazy!
To top it up, it's the first generation Pokemon. My respect for you is now insanely high.


It is!

Ah it will be great. I hope to catch you at the next one!


Hope so too man!

Thank you information, hopefully I can always get information from you. And it will be better for me in the future if I can get to know orqng like you and always get useful news.
thank you @exyle

Nice to see you helping out your sister. But much be very exhausting

Awesome! You are going too! Can't wait to meet you! We should cross our mugs! Do you need a roommate? If not do you know someone who does? Send them my way. I even made a post about it.


its really informative i learn lot of thing form your post

This is a great platform for blogging.so keep it up and lets work together

This is absolutely nice keep up with the good work

When steemit fest is going to happen ?

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i'll give it back
thanks :)

Such a Amazing Post. Thanks for Sharing Nice Information

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Good luck my friend

You are Very passionate about your Work!! Wish I could also be like you. Nice Post!!

good job, sir. started following you

Cheers ^^ Enjoy ur stay at Steemfest :D

Okay, you're a keeper for sure. :)

very nice

UpVoted ✌😉

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wish you have a fun time in @steemfest. hope you will have a wonderful journey in there . please do post some pictures in the event too.

Giving back to the community in the way you do is just amazing to see.

Great as always, Day after day you surprise us, thank you very much