Vlog 176: The rise and rise of STEEM.

in dtube •  11 months ago

Last night when I woke up I made the mistake of checking my phone at 2 am.

When I saw the Steem price I just could not sleep anymore.

What a rise. A new all-time high for STEEM.

At 5 am I actually went downstairs. I decided to go for a walk with my dog.

I needed to clear my head.

My dog is 12 years old and was in deep slumber on the couch.

He looked at me like I had lost my mind when I asked him to go out with me at that hour. lol.

We walked for an hour and after I could sleep a little bit :)

STEEMPRICE: $5.50 from $3 yesterday.

My brother called me this morning

As you know he recently invested into STEEM and well....what can I say...Perfect timing!

He among many are asking themselves where this rise comes from.

I think it's been building for a while.

Steempower is in high demand and also the liquid amount of STEEM has been going down for months.

I wrote about both these things.

I often say all you have to do is wait.

And in this case, it was just waiting for more buyers than sellers.

Also, this is the best blockchain, with the most transactions and no fees.

And with SMT's coming soon it will only increase demand for Steempower. (bandwidth on the network).

The high STEEM price is welcoming.

Because the STEEM blockchain is the only blockchain that I know that you can monetize by not only creating content but also through the development of apps and frontends.

Development is key to the growth of the Steem blockchain and that has now become a lot easier to afford.

What a start of 2018!

I talk about it more in my vlog.

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

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It broke the 4$ barriar that it was pushing for the past few days. It has been explained by many top investors like @cryptopassion.


The vlogs of @exyle are always amazaing


Enjoy the vote and reward!

I can't thank you enough for your strategic position to buy when Steem was under $1. I bought as much as possible and am thankful. I owe my results to your VLOG.


Thank you, man! That's really nice of you to say! Happy new year!


@doctorjohn is right.

All 'we'needed to do was visit your vlogs for the past 6/7 months and listen.

The way you spoke about the Blockchain with excitement and knowledge was enough encouragement for me to continually drip-feed fiat into the network, and continue trying to produce content that I enjoyed.

Now we start to see the fruits of our labour :)

Thanks man!


Yeah, it is true but we must admit that history of the steem for the last couple of weeks and fluctuation must make us think how it will fluctuate in the future. Will it go back down to low value?


its likely to correct again but it will definitely rise again and beyond $5 . this period is simular to the period before ethereum's exponential growth in 2017. SMT's are going to exponentially increase the demand and value of this platform in 2018. this is a social media platfrom that pays everyone that's groundbreaking.


Truely , hets hope for better future .
Keep on steeming.

Wait is a luxury in the crypto world. Time goes one way so does steemit.
Steem has proven something this morning out of proportion.
Keep on coming with the video blog.


It's been a good morning for STEEM indeed :)

The road for steem is well set to a target of 10 usd and more and steem has this gift for all steemians in 2018.

Thank you @exyle and Have a great day.

I think it definitely has to do with the liquid steem decreasing. Have you saw this site? Its great for coin information and of course Steem is tops!



Good indication that we are going for a run pretty soon. What we see this early morning was a taste.
Thanks for sharing.


yeah, I know it very well! It one of my favorite sites since I discovered it :)


I should have known! :O)

I can't believe I only just found out about it, its great for the percentage of transactions as well as everything else


I saw your shared video, your channel subscribed to it, the information was very expensive. You are really a great man. @exyle


New to me bookmarked!

It was really a pleasant surprise and the best New Year gift one could expect...Congratulations @exyle on being one of the big supporter of this great platform.


A great start of the year indeed and thank you!


This is just the beginning , we can expect many more pleasant surprises through out 2018....

Totally agree with you, my friend, that the price is very happy! This new upsurge of the STEEM causes everyone to have a greater interest and pushes more people to invest in the STEEM. You were absolutely right that you advised your brother to buy a STEEM and it turns out with profit! Very nice starts the New Year! Thank you Mark and keep us informed of what's happening!


Thank you, man!

Sup dude ! Havent dropped by in quite a while, wishing you Happy New Year from Malaysia !!

While the increase in steem price is welcomed, I find myself less bothered by the movements so much these days, growing immune to the volatility lol.

First off Congrats to all the steemians on achieving this Massive milestone. The people who are silent steemians (Your Brother, I read that blog too) would be too happy at the moment. It was $6.5 an hour ago. I have already read your blogs where you have predicted about the high rates of steem & SBD. Anyways all the very best for your great research and stay blessed @excyle.

Wow!!, it was a great surprise when I woke up this morning and saw steem price has rise to $5.50, I quickly call my friend @bait002 to see what's going on.
I will say it's a good start for steem this new year.
Thanks @exyle for sharing.

Hey @exyle - what great news to wake up to in this second day of 2018! I think $10+ is certainly a distinct possibility this year :D

Keep Steeming!


Hey man! Great news indeed and Happy new year!


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STEEM has been undervalued and it is about time that we go higher. STEEM also solves real-world problems, specially in third world countries. This might be just a beginning. Fasten your seatbelts, it is going to be a wild ride:).


Most definitely! I think a lot of investors have gotten used to currencies which do not actually serve a purpose. Now they're waking up:)

It was extremely a wonderful shock and the best New Year blessing one could expect...Congratulations @exyle on being one of
the enormous supporter of this incredible stage.
Upvoted and resteemed

He looked at me like I had lost my mind when I asked him to go out with me at that hour. lol.
When I see STEEM price i was little shocked, and checked twice, then refresh the coinmarketcap again and went to bittrex to check back lol :D
Actually it was a crazy moment :D But we all predicted for this amazing moment and now it's happening!


i just online now and first read the post of your sweet mom @clio and she say very well about u and praised about u and about your this vlog,
so i comon your vlog and i also know now to rise up of steem to watch your vlog and i m agree with u and also i m happy like everyone and its too good that u talk about your brother again he is very interesed now in crypto..
also thanx to say more about steem it will go rise up more and some about bcz the SMT coming soon be happy always with your mom she love you so much and say if @exyle happy i m so happy to see him happy

Very exciting times! I'm happy for you and all other fellow STEEM holders. Dan Larimer was actually dumping a lot of STEEM last night, he sent 10s of thousands of tokens over to blocktrades last night but it still didn't crash the price.

I think this is the most tired but also the most happy I've seen you look in a video!

I had a similar experience. I was on the train in Beijing and decided to check coinmarketcap. Once I saw the Steem price I instinctively let out a huge "whoah!!" on the train. I was so shocked and thrilled at the sudden growth of steem (especially because I recently decided to buy more of it before this happened!). Well done. I love STEEM! It actually is functional and solves so many problems!!

Congrats @exyle.. I can belive indeed that you couldn't sleep anymore... what a move...

What a perfect start to this year, I just screamed after seeing the price on mobile and couldn't control my emotions. Keep on steeming and make this platform the best social media on this planet!


https://freebitco.in/?r=11377153 hey brother check this out very worth your time.

you are right, what a fantastic start to the year, even if this just stays around these levels for a few months it's real proof that the blockchain works, does what it says it can do and it can compete with the best of the blockchains out there -- the no fees thing is huge, i've never had an issue with transfers and transactions. that alone is one reason to get on the steemit platform in my mind.

Haha, never check your phone at night; if the price is going up, it's a mistake, and if the price is going down, it's a mistake.

The end result is always no sleep.


You are 100% correct. But not checking the phone is also no sleep, lol.


Well, you're right there, too. :D

I guess there's just no sleep in crypto.


There are two kinds of no-sleep: The happy no-sleep and the sad no-sleep;)

if the steem price is so high, how come that is not showing in the account valuations in our wallet? I honestly don't know, which is why I am asking.


The account value in your wallet is based on the average price of STEEM over 3.5 days. ($2.92 currently). It will go up if STEEM stays this high.

ps. Would you consider voting for our witness @blockbrothers?


Thank you for the clarity @exyle, this was my concern also until I read this from https://steemnow.com

The average Steem price, being used to calculate payouts.

Good morning Mark, I hope you find a bit rest after this short night.
On the other hand; it would be good to have many many more from those nights.

I sure believe we all could get used to it 😉

A Fantastic and a start which we had never even imagined off This is purely insane been watching the prices up today in the morning and the market was bidding like crazy for both steem and steem backed dollar.

Just shows the potential it has and the liquid steem will go further down after people will came to know more about steemit and they could use it as a staking thing as power up feature.

The beginning is beautiful wish this flows just like this and everyone have a great year.

Cheers to a new beginning

i can't even sleep due to the prices hahah the notifications keep getting ringed lol :D

thanks for sharing about that https://blocktivity.info/ source! hadn't heard about it until you did 👍


you are welcome!

Awesome start to the new year, there is general feeling of "we were right all along and steem will go to the moon" , a great gift to all who stuck with the platform. You will be a steem millionaire soon ;)

I watched the video and comments and want to complement you on your decision to become a vlogblogger on STMT and for the both of you happy New year.


Thank you very much! And happy new Year!

thank you! it is pretty cool :))

Congratulations. I'm glad your hard work payed off. I'm sure this rise will bring a lot of visibility to the chain.

@exyle I can't believe what our sweet STEEM is doing today. You are just loving life right now and so am I ............

Sick! Super excited for 2018!

hodl my friend

I am new on this platform. I joined just four months back. Love to see Steem and SBD are performing well. More to follow. I am agree with you, development is the key to growth.Cheers

50k achieved. 65k and then 100k satoshi? Seems possible to me in the first quarter of 2018.

Yes sir.Congratulations!! It is very good news. Very surprising!! New year 2018 may be the blessings of God. As a supporter I think you are so responsible. Wish your great success. Thank you @exyle.

Steem is mooning again! 2018 will be a huge year for Steem

COngratulations to all steemian best start this new year 2018

It's just unbelievable and a well-deserved valuation of the Steem technology!

That was a little bit higher than expected lol.
Happy days for you as a giant steem holder? :d

2018 looking good

I love seeing the numbers climbing in the value of sbd and steem but also in the number of people joining! More are seeing it as an investment.

If I can win a little steem, I'll be happy for it: D
now only;

  • "What is the steem rise? well..."

Thanks for sharing my friend. good work !

I have truly been trying to get as much @steem as I can afford, (which is not too much) but I believe so much in this platform it aches me to not be able to support @steem more. I know this will be one of the greats

stay blessed

iam still waiting on Bittrex to open the registration,gues what the price is now 5.98 from when i wanted to buy steem it was 2.60,ehh sad for me!

Any idea when i will be able to make acc on Bittrex.com ?

The good new for all of us . Cheer steemians .

Yay, what an adventure!! Thanks for sharing your insight @exyle!
I am using Steemify, thx to @roxane & her presentation of it!!

Thank you for your useful thoughts :) You helped me very much with your awesome vlogs :)

glad your brother made it worth, it was really a great start for the year 2018.

happy happy and blessed new year sir and blockbrothers

Its a great timing for your brother's investment, you've given him a good gift at the start of the year. Many lower priced alts have been mooning recently, for examlpe, verge, ripple, cardano etc. I'm going to hold onto my STEEM at least till $10, then I'll cash out a bit and enjoy my profits.

I've started steemit since a few days and it dizzy me; what is going on! I still have a lot to read and learn about steemit and am very happy to be part of this platform. Special thanks for the patience of the experts to teach the newcomers about the world of steemit.

What a way to start the new year! Yay us ! 🤗🎉

this is the pre-prime beginning of the year, I'm sure that the price for steem does not stop at this, we will soon see that the price will be even greater .. As the number of those who use Steemit and the number of users grow, this is the beginning. This year promises to be profitable for those who have invested their time and money into the growing and beautiful platform steemit, thanks.

Too much Monkey business, LOL! That was my first reaction when Steem surpassed $6. Enjoy the ride!! I'm holding! Groetjes oet Twente!

It's good that I did not watch Steem's price at night. And then, too, could not sleep :)

What do I stand to benefit if I vote a witness

Its a good beginning for us this year

Great post; I myself was stunned when I checked in on the price last night!

I think we soon see something more to come :)

thanks for sharing important content and video. We are also very interested in learning about steam. keep it up.

Diary and events with beautiful and lol. But its finest nag steem saw.

@exyle indeed a great way to begin the year, I did a dance video celebrating the rise and rise of our dear steem. I hope it keeps risng.

Thank you @exyle. It is really a good start of 2018. I wish you happy and prosperous new year.

Seems to be resisting dipping too heavily right now. This is all very exciting.

sure sir.Congratulations!! it is superb information. Very surprising!! New 12 months 2018 can be the benefits of God. As a supporter I think you're so accountable. desire your terrific success. thanks @exyle.

Hey mate just a shout out to say thank you. Got in early when you made the call around $1 and has exceeded my expectations!! Happy new year

It is indeed great and the many are becoming interested in Steem I guess :)
I am indeed loving the rise of it !This year has many more surprises I guess for us :)

@exyle, What a rocking start 2018 with rising steem worth.
That's a time to power up then increase our voting power.
You predicted before 2018 will be greatest for cryptocurrency. I was done already.
Happy and enjoying with steem.

"All you have to do is wait" Now I really wish I hadn't waited investing into Steem;)

According to my opinion, steemdolar will be better at the end of this week..I am very happy for this. 2018 will be profitable for all of us. @blockbrothers absolutely perfect

Will rise more than $ 10 soon

People who didn't get in on steem are going to regret it later

Raiblocks is going crazy because of no fees, lots of potential here too!

This is all insane, but that's just the way it works! This time around it's better to leave both feet in a rocking boat! Tks @exyle, you give usefull and really explanatory tips!

Yah really it is greate time to steemitians ..i was shocked today when i saw the rate of steem ..i felt very happy at that time..i hope that it will be reach very high within few days...thank you for sharing info with us....@exyle

Ah! Now I feel I have to get Steem power asap before it becomes more difficult to obtain :-o


Hahahaha. Smart idea. I am on the move too. Thank you.

Thank you so much..

The last i red your post ,i found out where you were talking about that steempower is in high demand and liquid steem is going down everyday.i sense that the price of steem will going to shoot up then i quickly went to my bittrex acount and bought steem at rate of 0.00054 when i check the rate today i bost out in lough .what amazing is this to tap from your wisdom.really ,your wisdom has bless my life.may God bless you with more insight to affect our life in jesus name.

We have been discussing this for quite some time and as per the CUP & HANDLE analysis the steem price is set for 14 usd or so.


Yes @exyle.......itsw a great start to the year 2018 by steem and it came as a pleasant surprise to all.

So let's steem on....and stay blissful...Thank you @exyle.

Steem give us brilliant surprising gift start a 2018 new year. Its now in over 5 USD level. Time to earn multiples.
Great news update @exyle.

New to Steemit so your posts are a great learning read, followed you :)

I started watching when it was at $4 and me too can not sleep. I really wished I have invested more even just a month ago. Oh well. Great timing on your part to pull your brother in right before steem moons. lol. Thanks.

perfect timing is everything in crypto ;) now your brother will be excited to invest more :D

Fabulous one!!!
this is really cool :)

The great news for all steemitian ✌️✌️

What is a witness?


Oh boy, that’s a little over my head, but thank you for the info!


Layman terms: They grease the gears to make it all work well for us all.... ;-)

lot has happened after your vlog yesterday seems like it created all the magic :)

I witness steem rise to 6.34 today. and this is the highest.

Glad new year! 2018 will be an incredible year. What an adventure it has been with Steem. We both have seen a considerable measure over the previous year or something like that. This undertaking has shown me to such an extent. The things I have learned are worth more than any measure of cash en route. I see the world in an entirely different manner after all I have learned since beginning with Blockchains. I truly trust the world is moving into a superior place. In the expressions of the colossal Naveen Jain we as a whole should "have an outlook of plenitude". This blockchain can be a device to change the world for good and show individuals numerous things if utilized as a part of the correct way. Information is power and It will be a blockchain loaded with learning. The Steem blockchain is getting more grounded by the day. We have seen some astounding development since this blockchain began and I know this is just the begin. When we have a completely refined item it will have the capacity to do things we cannot envision yet. The expansion of SMTs into the blockchain will intrigue and will change the way we consider the web and what is conceivable. Groups and discussions are a gigantic piece of the web. The conceivable utilizations of SMTs are stunning to consider. With Steemit and Steem we are now rolling out improvements in places that need it and offering assistance to those in require. Envision what's on the horizon for us and this blockchain. We additionally have an incredible group behind this blockchain. That is one of the principle reasons I put my BTC into this task over a year prior in the wake of discovering it on the Bitcointalk gathering and faltering onto Steemit through google look through a couple of times (accidentally hunting down different things). I at that point started some examination and saw @dan talking a couple of times about Steem. At that point saw @ned talking on YouTube and on CheddarTV and knew instinctively then he was resolved to make something extraordinary. Its awesome to see designers as you doing extraordinary things for the eco framework also @exyle with things like Steemify and Blockbrothers. Cheerful New Year again @exyle - Lets take Steemit and Steem to the following level in 2018!

2018 ist the best

you are absolutely right

STEEM blockchain is the only blockchain that I know that you can monetize by not only creating content but also through the development of apps and frontends

and about the price it took everybody's sleep like hell 😂
btw hows your doggy ? 😂 he would be thinking you abnormal !
yup everyones asking about how it rised and for how long ?

had a similar experience. .I use steemit some day ago. already I got some money. Once I saw the Steem price. I was so shocked and thrilled at the sudden growth of steem (especially because I recently decided to buy more of it before this happened!). Well done. I love STEEM! It actually is functional and solves so many problems!!

Wow, love this..... So glad I got into steemit. Thanks for the blog post!

2018 will be great for the steem!
And also I have been following you from past couple of months you sure are a person worth for knowledge and knows well how to teach others and help them all!
I am true fan of your sir @exyle!!

I saw this and was up most of the night as well. Looking to see thoughts of those who know what caused this spike.

good analysis keep it up

Let's keep the moonshot rolling / Peace for STEEM in 2018 and for all Steemians !!

Hi Exyle, i dont know how to follow on steemit maybe because im new here, but i will really appreciate it if you could follow me, i really have a lot tolearn from you

we are really excited to see the next high pump on steem :) please keep us updated about the latest trends and the best things to be done..your posts are really helpful to us to make decisions..thanks alot sir :)