Vlog: 148: Sitting on your hands in Crypto corrections + Terry Brock interviews Tim Cliff + Steem price.

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I had a great morning today.

All crypto, but most importantly for us, Steem has gone up and is now sitting at $1.20.

Buying gradually under a dollar has been my tactic for a while and it's paying off so far.

Unlike other cryptos, Steem had not gone up much so it's nice to see it happen. (for as long as it lasts)

Not long ago we had a big sharp correction in crypto. (BTC went from $11500 to $8500). These are the moments I have learned to sit on my hands and don't do anything.

Most of the time when a correction like this happens prices will bounce up again rather fast. And this time it's no difference.

Again this is not a moment to feel relief. It's the time to take profit if you missed the first opportunity.

It's what I would recommend.

It can go very fast either way from this point. Taking profit is never a bad choice here.


This morning I also watched a great interview by @terrybrock, where he interviews Tim Cliff (witness). here.

There is a lot of good information there about the origin of the platform and the hard works it takes to find success here. I highly recommend watching it.

Christmas tree done.

Proof, for in the blockchain, that I did go out and bought one for real this time :)


I have recently become a witness with our developer group blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

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I voted for your witness. All the best with the blockbrothers projects mate.


Thanks so much for the support!

Awesome video by @terrybrock. Was really informing. You know what am holding dearly from that interview is what I calm the '1 commandment of steemit.com' which is

'don't beg for upvote or followers'

It has been sounded so much, but has been heard so little.
Awesome interview.

All Steemit work will pay off greatly. I can see it ahead.


that would be cool, i just came over, thinking this a great platform for sure

Thanks for the video by @timcliff, it is really what we newbies need at this time, especially if you are here for the long run.

After watching the video, I concluded that it is fantastic to be able to count on this community for making it grow and grow with it. :D I know quality has to be one of our main focuses, but hearing other stuffs he said made me conclude that @terrybrock and @timcliff really care about others and are doing so much to help them grow and get informed.

A wonderful video in my own view.

STEEM seems to be getting a little more external interest now and I think that's reflected in the price and trading volume increases we can see in the charts. Perhaps some of that new interest is due to the coming implementation of the SMTs or a lot of new people coming into crypto in general as a result of how much exposure bitcoin's been getting. As for EOS I feel your pain! Luckily I've been buying some since the start of ICO but regretting not buying more, especially because I was thinking when it was $0.50 "it will probably keep going lower"

I like that all is green in my crypto portfolio. Steem also performs well...


images (2).jpg

Nice tree, I'm not so sure that the last blip on the radar was a correction per say as much as it was just a one day panic sell indicative of lack of faith in BTC at that price point. I'm also somewhat concerned about the current push to $11,800 on lower volume. I think perhaps that bull fever is putting blinders on common sense and what the market needs. Every three months we typically have a week over week correction according to the charts. Which would be right about now, and would coincide with rising price on lower volume. Look at the 1 day trend in volume, save the day of panic selling..



Yeah. Nice christmas tree there. Somene might ask why is eoc going up. EOS will be the first gen 3 crypto to market. It is the first decentralized operating system that will streamline development and use in a way never before seen. It will start with 20-100k tps.

Market wise, it clearly found an ATL (what everyone was worried about) by grinding against 0.5 for two months. Once the ATL was in, now everyone just wants to secure positions early on in this rocket. A lot of this is people taking big long-term positions and providing constant buy pressure. This will be a top 5 coin in 2018, possibly a top 3. Possibly top 2 coin in 2019. Smart money has seen this happen before and is betting big to not miss out on the next ethereum.

Oh, and everything else is going up also. We all feel like we should have bought more EOC.
STEEM is really going places

Nice one. The Christmas tree looks really good for someone who has not really done much of such stuffs. Just do me a favor, when bianca convinces you to wear that Christmas suit, make a post on it, with full pictures. That one will surely be a keeper.
On the issue of correction, I have lost so much money when I was trading bitcoin during correction. In such periods, sitting on your hands would do you real good.

Happy Xmas season to you and your family.


Have a nice Xmas season yourself too!


great Christmas tree bro i like this post .

Nice tree! I however still avoid Christmas decorations. II hope you find a nice gift from Santa under your tree. You must certainly be on his 'nice' list.

Nice pine fresh smelling home over the month of cheer, have a great time putting it up.


That is true! Smells nice indeed.

Excellent post my friend, wow it's good to see that Christmas tree and man it looks so beautiful and attractive with all those glowing color bulbs and when you are recoding your video that tree in the back ground looks so gorgeous, you also talk about steem and yes it's great news for steem holder's now as steem is slowly moving upwards and we surely see more growth in steem price soon and i agree with your points, we all need to stay away from those volatile swings and it's far better for all of us to sit still and buy low just hold and then sell it at a reasonable price, it's great tactic, wishing you a very cheerful and joyful Christmas ahead, Stay awesome


Follow me new to steem neeed few followers

Like Forex market, Crypto market also act the same way! Only thing is crypto market is very unpredictable than forex market place!
I also stay away while BTC madness happen! And having faith on Steem and SBD! SBD made a great move at the moment and it's still making more ROI than BTC do :D That's why I like ALTs than BTC! They makes nice profit by little up trends!
Hope to see your next article with X'mas tree!


I think you might need a bigger Christmas tree because it looks like you're taller than that tree. Where's the fun of climbing up to the top to decorate it?


Thank you @exyle for sharing this link. @terrybrock thanks for sharing this with us. It will really help us go far on steemit. Infact @timcliff is a genius to learn from.
That was an awesome and such a helpful interview guys!
Great questions and way of questioning @terrybrock und great answers and helpful tips @timcliff.
I am here on steemit for a month and.. now and everyday I learn something new. I think many points I already understood, for example the way of commenting a users post, that I like. Always refer to the content of the post.
But this was a huge step again.
I'll directly try to apply these things. Thank you @exyle for sharing this.
I'm sure that my kind of content will be appreciated soon and that's why I constantly will put effort into my posts and stay persistent.

I have taken some profit. You are right, out can sink faster than you can blink at this point and you should never sneeze at profit!


Yes! I agree :)


nice planning of Christmas see in post excellent.

Wow!!, this really greet, seeing steem has rise to $1.20. I can't just wait to see how steemit price will hit the sky in 2018. It will even attract more investors to the platform.

I see it as a big Sinterklaas gift, So what will it bring during Xmas period ? Maybe it will go up to $1.5; that makes us all very happy.
I see you are ready for it as well, you bought a nice tree and the lights and decoration is done already.
Maybe you have a nice entry for #steemlight.

Maak er nog een mooie zondag van!


Thanks and you too!

@exyle, thank you so much for sharing that link to that video. it is quite uplifting. I have to say though that the money is not the main reason for me to be on this site. Sure, it is a really nice incentive, but most importantly, this is about sharing ideas, at least for me.
I do however fear that my content is a bit too nerdy/ specific for steemit right now, but we'll have to wait and see. In any case, i am looking forward to seeing this website gain even more traction.
I'm new to steemit, but videos like this help us newbies keep going, so do continue :)

Have a great day, and merry Christmas . i love the christmas tree

Thanks so much for that video by @terrybrock.It was really what I needed at this point in time. I never knew that when steemit started, there was actually no steemit.com,but just commands,and yet those initial people still believed in the vision.
This is the foundation of steemit.com,people who have a strong belief in the values of this system. This is really empowering, making you know that you are in the right company.

i agree, i posted something similar about buying steem this morning on the internal market. time to buy for sure too! :) looks like you are all set for christmas! :)


I am and yes, It's a good buy to get STEEM atm with SBD :)

a lot of ups and downs are happening in crypto space is better to sit back relax and enjoy the fun but we couldn't resist as steemians as sbd pumping up to 2.50 $ damm pretty interesting to know other things thanks for sharing


Yes bro you are damn right. We r steemians n we can't resist.

Congratulations on your first Christmas tree together. Special times! The Christmas bug is contagious. Photos of the Christmas sweater please!


Sweater will happen, I think she is upstairs googling one.

Glad I could be of help on finding a selling-point for Christmastrees!



Why did you want a real christmas tree for this year ? :)


Bianca wanted one :)


Best reason I could imagine :)))

I really liked this post . I’m sitting on my hands the rest of the year if you ask me . It’s a great time for the cryptosphere . I’m thinking long term for the rest of my portfolio the future is very promising. I’m just positioning myself for when Wall Street jumps in the game I’ll be sitting pretty with my holds when everything spikes up . Stop thinking short term you guys were only at 350 billion dollars market cap . HODL and buy more ! Thanks for this content!

Thank you very much for the shout-out, @exyle. You are most kind.

Yes, @timcliff gave a lot of great ideas on that video about using Steemit, building an audience, writing content and how to do it. This will apply to Steemit as well as many other social media platforms. Thank you for sharing this!

This is a really wonderful video..... I think more light should be shed on addressing the issue of begging for followers and upvotes. In the long run it will only have adverse effects on the account in question.

Steemit is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes consistent work ethic and patience to build steemit especially for people who don't plant o invest their money into it. All newbies should note that

Totally agree.
I'm a bit curious why steem is not following the other cryptos and seem to be stable at 1$.
Steemit seems to be quite a good thing?!

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Keep it up!
All the best!

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I am amazed by your activities of every day..have a nice day.

I think steemit.com should put this video by @terrybrock interviewing @timcliff as one of the compulsory things to watch before you sign up on steemit. It's really rich. He gave a step by step, stage by stage actions to hake to grow on steemit.
I like that he talked about luck, but not the luck of a lottery, but the luck of opportunity meeting preparation. He had prepared himself well, and when the opportunity came, he exploded.
Thank you @exyle for such post and links, they sure will help us become better steemians.

very good work,best of luck
thanks for nice post

I'm very happy to say a lot of good things about your words

So I guess the adage would be that if Crypto goes down like it recently. Use it as an opportunity to take some profits. I am new to all of this. Be gentle with my lack of knowledge please.


If it goes down then sit and wait for the likely rebound. The only time to sell is when you see a good rebound to a new high price. This is where you can take profits.


OK. Thank you

a very amazing post. you are very good at making tactics. and you succeed with your tactics. and I am very happy with your success in the world of steemit. and I have chosen you as a witness in steemit. thank you for sharing it

good job,thanks for nice sharing

Let's look at the future.

im so amazed on your work bro. keep up the good work..you have my upvote

Nice post. Feeling very happy to see the growth of steem.

I needed this kind of info. I'am sitting on some EOS for a few weeks now and up to this point was asking myself "did I just get fooled... there is nothing happening???". I hope this first tests get the train moving in the right direction. Will buy some more EOS in no time.
EOS has a bright future. The competition with other Blockchain 2.0 networks will ensure excellent features and continued improvement to these networks for the market to build apps on. The decentralisation train is slowly departing the station and increasing speed.

Nice Xmas tree you've got there by the way. After all that has happened this last two months, this Christmas would surely be a wonderful way to ceIebrate

It good to hear you talk about EOS, although I had not heard of EOS until sometime last recently, when I saw a post online saying that it was because Vitalik butterin(Co - founder of etherum) made a joke on EOS that unfortunately the public read the wrongly, and they started buying EOS.
EOS has really shown some tremendous growth. From $1 to $3 in less than 2 months,that's phenomenal.
Your advice has really been of great help in times past ,so like wise, I'll follow the advice you gave here by taking profits while the ride lasts. Thanks alot.

Go steem. Really glad we are making progress @blockbrothers.
So yesterday we were 102, today we are around 96. Congrats. Within one week, we would have made huge progress. Weldone.
That link was very useful. I learnt alot. Thank you.
Nice tree there you bought. Christmas would really be fun in your household.
I've been keeping an eye on this the last few days. Makes me so happy because I'm holding a fair amount of EOS.

Kool, I see you are really preparing for the Christmas season. Great.

Thanks for that link you gave to @terrybrock video on Tim cliff. I had to rush over to watch to, so I could become better here on steemit.

It's really encouraging to know that popular people like @timcliff actually started small. It makes you know that there is hope for youno matter how much rewards you are getting now for your efforts.

Thanks a lot.

When I saw your recommendation of @terrybrock video, I thought it was going to be a video that was done last month, but was shocked to see that it is less than 24hours.
That's advice hot from the oven.
@timcliff was really sweet in the way he answered the questions, and I think he is the right person to do so, being that he also started as a nobody, and understands what it's like to make a content and earn 0.01 dollar.
Thanks for this post @exyle,it's well appreciated.

god job. sir

Congrats on becoming a witness & on the good job on steemit Your posts are always informative & helpfull

Its Let's look at the future @exyle

Steem rising is awesomeness

good job. sir

One of the best content just you sharing really i am amazed to see your looking.And your content is very hot and i like the most of your post.I am waiting for your next post.

Yes it is a great time to be a steemian @exyle. The price is going to go a whole lot higher.

you did a good job , great !

@exyle Merry Christmas Nice Tree Man.........

Yeah absolutely steem price great movement currently. Its over $1.2. Also steem dollar price over $2.4 here. Steem and SDB nice rise up. In fact BTC and ALTs little movement. Crypto market is very better this time. I think your Xmas tree will be awesome. See you @exyle

Oh yes, my friend, I like green colors much more on the stock exchanges, he would often be and everything will be alright :) By the way, I congratulate you on the Christmas tree, it's a great symbol of the upcoming holidays and it pleases! Thank you @exyle

nice article keep it up, please follow me and upvote for me and i will return the favour.

It's always a great tactics to buy steem under a dollar. Hope steem goes up to over $2 soon. :)

Great informative post. Steem dollar(SBD) is also doing great ,currently at 2.30 dollar. The Christmas tree looks very nice.
I hope you have a great Christmas.
Merry Christmas in advance.

Oh the Christmas tree is ready now :) Well the market is full with surprises and we cant really predict how the prices can be in the next weeks. Thank you for the updates and enjoy your Sunday :)

This is very good information! I wish I had the money to buy in with stuff but have yet to make enough from Steemit to invest enough to make positive actions. Soon I hope.

Thanks @exyle!

your creation is so nice ...thanks for your blog sir images.jpg

very beautiful thank you

As long as the price of steem stays or rise that is indeed a good news and as for the Christmas tree you have done a great job bro !

You would've been richer if you bought Steem dollars instead xD

Nice tree! and we wish that steem will grow further!

Great post! So much information and of course, the importance of having a little patience, it’s all about enjoying the ride and making it work for you, quick in and out ideas are never going to prosper compared to making a smart move and waiting til it’s right for you and your goal.
As for the patience on the Christmas tree, I jumped the gun and put mine up a couple weeks ago, for some reason we’re feeling extra festive this year so we made a controversial decision to decorate over a month early!

Steem as been creeping upwards since I believe around the 12th of Nov which is great news for us, thanks for the advice some crazy waves $11500 to $8500 with bitcoin, going to watch the video with @terrybrock where he interviews @timcliff now @exyle

Hello @exyle my dear friend...
I'm always trust btc and steem can change my future...
And such a great work my dear friend...now you have christmas tree...hahaha...I'm doing something for christmas...for my kids..

Sitting on your hands is a great idea, watching some of the ups and downs can be really intimidating at times, we have never seen anything like crypto before, going to be lots of mistakes made along the way, but great advice

Yes, that's what you do when it dips. HODL.
The other option is to sell before the dip and then get back in low - but I leave that to the experienced traders.

gave you my upvote as witness, good sir.

needless to say, that interview was great and I wouldn't have stumbled upon if it wasn't for your post. thanks for sharing!

all the best,

i thought that correction would lead to a good prices to buy bitcoin again but no it just went back to the high again this crypto world is insane

Thanks for the crypto updates and also for the link of the interview time to watch that

steem is rising back which is a good sign :)

welcome christmas day seems ready

welcome christmas day seems ready

awesome day that was good to see your vlog interesting updates with what's happening around thanks for sharing

haha bro steem block chain has the proof of you celebrating the Christmas : )

Nice shot that is :)

Congratulations @exyle!
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Christmas time begins wow good to see this keep sharing loads of pics from celebration

Gran albo amigo feliz navidad para ti y la familia también.

Wow excellent i see how you are are planning for christmas.
Nice and very beautiful christmas tree i must say.
Sometime ago I heard about EOS, which is a cryptocurrency that its goal is to decentralize everything.

I didn´t investigate much about it but I thought it was really cool, so I was planning on investing some ETH in the presale of the tokens. To have a major profit once it was out in the exchanges.

But... I didn't, nothing.... I didn´t buy any of it, I had plenty of meetings and stuff to do during this days that I forget to buy some of it. This is one of the times that you had the information but you make nothing with neither have some profit, so I really feel bad about not investing once I had the info. My only hope is to buy if it comes down, but I really think that It won´t come to the price that I really will like to invest

The Christmas tree appears actually top for a person who has now not honestly carried out much of such stuffs. just do me a prefer, whilst bianca convinces you to wear that Christmas suit, make a post on it, with complete pictures. That one will without a doubt be a keeper.
On the problem of correction, i've lost a lot money whilst i used to be buying and selling bitcoin throughout correction. @exyle

You have excellent business techniques. It is understood in your description Kisuta. Please tell me what is the meaning of scyptos?

I understand too. I was seeing this summer "buy before it's $1!"
And I've missed the boat. I will certainly be waiting for a dip, though. Will not be buying into the Highs.
Assuming it goes to a level I am comfortable buying in...what wallet would I need? Would any ERC20 compatible wallet work or do I need another?
Nice christmas tree.

All of this information and its making my friends lots of money. Great video..

Yes @exyle Christmas is around the corner.

Let me ask you question? What does Christmas mean to you apart from celebration?

gd work upvote me


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