Taiwan Wild Monkeys

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Taiwan Monkeys Having Lunch In The Garden
The Taiwan monkeys of Taiwan are situated off the coast of mainland China, is a small island nation that is part of the Republic of China. Taiwan, rich in wildlife and flora, has many amazing animals and spectacular flowers. One of these magnificent animals is the Formosan Rock Monkey, also called the Formosan Rock Macaques. These cute and mischievous monkeys are the only monkey native to Taiwan. These cute little monkeys, love trees, but they are not a major part of their environment. What they do love are tropical forests, temperate forests, and bamboo forests. On occasion, you will even find them living in the vast grasslands. Though they are excellent climbers, more than not, they prefer to stay on the forest floor. Though they are found all over the island, they are not seen as often near the coastal beaches. Since many keep building near the beaches, they are going deeper into the forests.

The Formosan Rock Monkeys are omnivores, so they eat many different plants, fruits, seeds, leaves, and small animals and insects. This monkey, in the above picture, is enjoying a rich banana for his lunch. Since they are comfortable around people, they often visit farms and consume a dinner rich in the crops of the planted fields. They love foraging for food among the fields at harvest time, though this can bring conflict with the farmers. On occasion it gets them killed, but they are protected by law as a disappearing species.

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