PedoTube 2 What next (mirror) - video from 2009 investigating Child Exploitation on Youtube

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This video is part of a set of videos found on the subject of #youtubewakeup, called PedoTube during this time (2009). These videos range from more than 8 years old. We at EE felt it was important to reshare the videos to showcase a proper timeline YouTube's pedophile problem.
If you happen to be one of the original creators of any of these videos please reach out and contact us (info found below) we have no problem removing these videos by request of the original owners.

The majority of steem earned from any votes on this video will be donated to @familyprotection

Orignal Uploader of the Video can be found here:

A few of our members are also involved with the Academy Awareness (AA) community, please feel free to join their discord and get involved.

[email protected]


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