MiniDoc - L.I.F.E. Rally Oshawa - Sunday December 2nd 2018

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Last year I shared a article about my mom - The Blessing Bag Gangster - and her tireless efforts to give back to the homeless and needy members of our community. This year she's teamed up with a even bigger group of do-gooders.

They meet every week at a park in the center of our city and do their best to offer food - supplies and kindness to whoever stops by. I had the pleasure of meeting with some of the organizers to talk about their work - And spent some time talking with a few people who depend on the outreach that LIFE Rally provides.

As with my previous piece - I encourage you to get out there and engage with members of your community - Start your own group. Make Somebody SMILE!!!!

If you would like to watch the video in 1080p please CLICK HERE and consider subscribing to my channel on youtube.

That's all for now.
Much Love.

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Sorry I missed this. thank you guys for your support. Much . love. E.

Oh man. Thank you for making this documentation and introduce this initiative.

I love to see that people are helping others and to know that these initiatives receive support from donations.

All the monologues had warmed up my heart from the deepest part. I can say that I had some tears in my eyes.

The big message of this movie is so powerful - it is just overwhelming and encouraging extremely to get out and help people.

Thanks for sharing this!


Thank you for watching. I love doing stuff like this. I love seeing people be good to each other. the world is full of so much pain. Stuff like this is small but it pushes the scales in the right direction ..... or at least holds them off from tipping for a t least a little while longer. I don't like making people too emotional ..... but i'll be honest It makes me feel good when Something I've worked hard on has the desired effect. Once again. Thank you for taking the time to watch and comment . Hope you have a blessed day