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MiniDoc - L.I.F.E. Rally Oshawa - Sunday December 2nd 2018

in dtube •  5 months ago 

Oh man. Thank you for making this documentation and introduce this initiative.

I love to see that people are helping others and to know that these initiatives receive support from donations.

All the monologues had warmed up my heart from the deepest part. I can say that I had some tears in my eyes.

The big message of this movie is so powerful - it is just overwhelming and encouraging extremely to get out and help people.

Thanks for sharing this!

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Thank you for watching. I love doing stuff like this. I love seeing people be good to each other. the world is full of so much pain. Stuff like this is small but it pushes the scales in the right direction ..... or at least holds them off from tipping for a t least a little while longer. I don't like making people too emotional ..... but i'll be honest It makes me feel good when Something I've worked hard on has the desired effect. Once again. Thank you for taking the time to watch and comment . Hope you have a blessed day