Welcome To Ill Street - Dtube Exclusive Short Film

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"It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend."William Blake

Alright well ya know what........ I know I just posted about a new film I'll be dropping on you guys real soon but I think you deserve something right now. I give you "Welcome To Ill Street" - MY FIRST SHORT FILM - To learn more about it please see below.

I'm tired of having this hanging over my head. A long time ago - In April of 2015 I officially started my journey of trying to make films - Yes - I had a script produced in 2013 but this was going to be my first time directing something. I teamed up with a friend and we shot this over a weekend. We had no idea what we were doing. I've had it competed for more than 3 years. It's just sat there. Because for whatever reason I was embarrassed.

I felt like the films I made afterwards were so much better I didn't want people to think this was the level of quality they could expect from me. Don't get me wrong - it's not bad. But it's also far from great. So I held on to it. Not wanting anyone else to see. Afraid of being vulnerable. Ask any filmmaker - I guarantee most - If not all - Have a number of "Completed films" that they will never allow to see the light of day - especially in the overly critical and judgmental world we live in.

Truth is this film cost me about $1000 bucks between Gas - Food - Props and camera rentals. Not a crazy amount of money when you're talking about movies but also not a small amount either.

Every few months I'd go back and watch it. Which would inevitably bring on waves of alternating feelings. One moment I would be full of pride - "You know what this isn't half bad" hold on wait a minute "This IS bad - It's like the most pretentious student film ever constructed. Delete it now as so no one will ever have to suffer!"

Well here we are today. It's been awhile since I've have the opportunity to direct something like this and I'm looking at it in a different light. We did this. We weren't afraid of making something bad we just wanted to tell a story. And we did it. You can't expect to be the best at something the first time you make an attempt. For most it takes many many years of practice to get halfway decent at anything - although art and film are mostly judged based on one's personal taste - This is especially true with film.

I'm not afraid anymore - I'm proud of the film you see here. Happy and thankful I was afforded the opportunity to make it and now finally share it with the world...... Well Blockchain at least. I embrace both the positives and negatives about it. I'm sure there is more tweaking that can be done - Obviously more areas that could be polished. But I could spend another 4 years tweaking this thing and I'll still never be happy. So as I've already said. I'm letting go of it. Have at it Blockchain.

I've never put credits in the film. Lost contact with everyone else involved. Not interested in rekindling anything. Lets just leave it at that.

This Film exists no where else on the internet (Publicly) - So please take a few minutes to give it a watch. Share your thoughts below. If you've got a similar story you would like to share I invite you to do so in the comments below. Hell you could even make a video response and tag me in it.

The Song in the video is "Ill Street blues" - A Hip-Hop Classic.

Thanks for stopping by.
I love you.
E - Out

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I am so looking forward to see this short film Brother @emwalker. It looks to be an Amazing film. I am sure it will stand up to your excellent editing and production you always bring us each time.

Waiting patiently Brother. May You and Your Family Always Live in Peace, Happiness, and Love.

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Thanks man. This video here is "completed" - it was filmed in 2015. The one I'll be releasing soon is new - filmed in may of 2018. Hope you're well brother Jeronimo. May you be eternally blessed.

Hey thanks for sharing this video and your deep post man!

I really like the movie for its simple but meaningful story, the editing and the music as well.

Artists are mostly their biggest critic.. so you are as well ;)

I don't see any need to tune it anywhere ^^ It is a pretty exciting movie and topic man and the ending is quite smart ;)

I like the use of closeups and that the whole movie is slow motion. That makes it more dramatic in my opinion.

The main actor is pretty good at presenting his emotions in the specific shots. I have not much experience in film making but yeah - I like it as a consumer :)

Thanks for sharing this mate. I am motivated now more to continue my shortfilm journey. I am a super early beginner but I want to tell stories and transport emotions with videos (And you did it in that video :) ) in addition to my talking head videos :D

I am super excited about your upcoming project dude!

Thank you very much for giving my film a watch. It really does mean a lot to me. So happy you enjoyed it. Posting this was hard but i feel like it needed to be done so I could let go and move on. You will make amazing films my friend - just don't lose your passion to create.