What the heck is Steem? in 60 seconds...!!

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What the heck is Steem? in 60 seconds...!!

Me gustaría mostrar este video a las plataformas dTube y Steemit una vez más....

Este video fue producido por @ashtv para promover el concepto de STEEM junto con sus beneficios sociales y criptográficos para los usuarios que no lo utilizan.

Es un video de 60 segundos hecho en febrero de este año y fue hecho en conjunto con el concurso de videos promocionales "60 segundos de Steem" organizado por algunos fantásticos Steemians, a saber, @surfermarly, y apoyado por algunos de los proyectos más grandes de Steem.

El autor mencionó que fue un gran motivador para sacarlo a disparar por la gran causa que es nuestro amado espacio criptográfico.

Nos mostró su felicidad y se alegró de que el video quedara segundo en el concurso y, como el video fue promocionado, desde entonces ha hecho tantas conexiones en el mundo de Steem gracias a él.

El autor nos dice esta frase: "Si tuviera que hacer otra, sería diferente; pero aún así me encanta cómo se siente ésta".

Me gustaría invitarte a ver el video, y visitar el perfil de @ashtv para ver su contenido, mostrándole tu apoyo por el gran trabajo que está haciendo para Steem...

Y me gustaría promocionarlo un poco...!!!!

I would like to show this video to the dTube and Steemit platforms one more time...

This video was produced by @ashtv to promote the concept of STEEM along with it's social and crypto benefits to non-crypto users.

It's a 60 second video made back in February of this year and it was made in conjunction with the '60 seconds of Steem' promo video contest run by some fantastic Steemians, namely @surfermarly, and supported by some of Steems biggest projects.

The autor mentioned that It was a great motivator to get him out shooting for the great cause that is our beloved crypto space.

Showing us his happiness and he was pleased that the video came second in the contest and, since the video was promotioned he have since made so many connections in the Steem world because of it.

The autor tell us this phrase: ¨ If I were to make another it would be different; but I still love the feel of this one.¨

I would like to invite you to see the video, and visit @ashtv profile to see his content, showing him your support for the great job he is doing for Steem..

And I would like to promote it a little bit ...!!!

Feel free to comment, I always read, reply and upvote value comments.



Hello dear @edgarare1.

I noticed that the video has 737 views. I consider it very little for the quality of it. In addition the author has 1K subscribers.

The admirable thing about all this is that every effort of this kind should serve as an example to all of us. If we all made an effort like this we would bring new members to this great family called steemit.

I congratulate @ashtv, surely I will pending his next post.

All best, Piotr.

I agree with you my friend @crypto.piotr.

That's why I gave myself the freedom to help a little more in its promotion, but I feel that the downvoters community has not accepted it.

Although, I’m not seeing an actual link to the video in this post... have I missed it or have you forgotten to include it?

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Hello @ashtv. Thanks a lot for your comment.

Well. I put the link before everything. But checking on Partiko, it doesn’t appear and I can see only text..!!

But when I check it again on Steemit platform in the laptop, it looks like normal.

I will check it again. Thank you so much for let me know the problem..


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I’m pleased it’s still being watched and shared! 😎

Been promoting this video on my facebook since last year.

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Yes, when i am inviting some friends to use steem, this is one of the several videos i show them.

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