DTube is launching its first ever DTC token sale round !

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Get ready for the biggest announcement of the year: On the 6th September 2019, you will have the opportunity to be the very first to acquire real DTube Coins (DTC) before the official Initial Exchange Offering rounds!

Building on the incredible success of the DTube Chain

After a successful Testnet launch of the DTube Chain (based on Avalon blockchain, all details here), DTubers on the DTube Chain represent a 9,000 users strong army fighting for the decentralized web and the future of social media.

On the tech side, we are already counting a first succesful Hard Fork update and more than 1.3 Million blocks produced without a hint!

What's in the DTC token sale round #1 ?

We will detail all the Know-how of the token sale early next week, but we can already tell you this:

  • Sale starts: 6th of September 2019
  • DTC initial circulating supply: 100 Million DTC
  • Token sale round #1: 1 Million DTC
  • Round #1 bonus: Guanranteed cheapest price of the whole DTC sale
  • Where to buy: DTube token page (almost ready :)
  • Token classification: utility token

3 weeks left to claim your DTube account for free

To start earning DTC from your social contribution and participate to the upcoming token sale and airdrop, you need a DTube account

Luckily, claiming your DTube account is FREE and SUPER EASY:

Go to https://d.tube and click the "Claim account" then follow the 3 steps carefully.


What if it didn't work ?
If you don't see the popup above, follow this procedure:
1- Clear your browser cache
2- While on DTube, log out your steem account and refresh the page. Then log again to Steem, the pop-up should appear

  • The process on a smartphone might not work well (we are working on an update). If you don't see the pop-up, please try it on a desktop computer.
  • If you are using Steem Keychain it might also not work smoothly. If so, try connecting directly using the Sign In button on DTube
  • If it hasn't worked or if you see an error message, please refresh the page and verify if your account has been created before doing the process again.

For support from the team and the community, please ask for help on our Discord channel, go to the About Page or comment this post.

Join the DTube Army and contribute!

DTube is going to the moon!
Help us onboard the whole world by sharing this article and engaging on our channels:

Watch videos on D.Tube

Read our Whitepaper


I'm getting an error on trying to turn up a node. Any help?

01:42:24.249 [ERROR] Wrong dist amount 12 11
01:42:24.250 [ERROR] Error Replay { _id: 29774,
  timestamp: 1561493332897,
   [ { type: 5,
       data: [Object],
       sender: 'ignacioarreses',
       ts: 1561493330334,
        '2886AuCRihgDT1k1ThfbLUEoMpGCjLkC2EQErzYoTPfF8CmwZRXKgn4WJS7UqyBNWz6Dm2Hr7h2ZN9RJRMshTQJM' } ],
  miner: 'wehmoen',
  dist: 12,
   '5cQFFWqaLu5JmxuNkMUBmMBNxZh8HuMXXgHKcvX4THQJXHaNk7kasHqt7ufuYBQknfnA1Ljh4gAiRu95bRzCoctm' }```

Yo yo yo... @comedyopenmic. Do you guys have any plans on reviving the comedyopenmic community, maybe on @dtube? A comedy video competition? Get Bernie to delegate to you again and we can,

As the orange umpa lumpa would say:

I miss creating comedy content so much 😉

You know you can create comedy without us.

Right now we're looking to maybe run a node for the dtube chain. Will see how it looks. Once a node is running, it's a posibility we'll start a contest, why not... we'll see where the road takes us.

This is fantastic news. Great going @dtube

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What can i buy/trade with DTCs?
"Token classification: utility token"

It is utility because you can promote your post by burning DTCs now. In the coming months you will have additional features such as purchase usernames, create accounts for friends, social gaming features, premium video access, etc.

No disrespect, macron.. but are you
eligible to give out information?
Are you from the #dtube team?

Hello @luca: one way of knowing about this might be to join Dtube Telegram Channel and found out:

Great Job Dtube!

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That's really gonna be amazing !

Just have one question.. DO the DTC(s) that we have now will become worthless ? or will they too have value?

I believe the DTC we see in our account, will be reset to zero. Then we start for real :)

Alright, I feel it's the start of something amazinG !!

I have got 100 DTC token for free.
But how to get more coin? What to do to get further coin?

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Greatest news from dtube community. After the update of dtube version, lots of new events find to seen as first context by this platform, DTC testing mode, dtube separate account with 100 DTC reward,
And now real DTC.
Really fantastic.. thank you .

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Super nouvelle...

GodSpeed ! @dtube DTC 💙 ♬♬

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What’s going to be the total supply of tokens?

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as stated above, the mainnet will start with 100 Million DTC

Celebration news guys.... Cheers @dtube

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