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RE: DTube is launching its first ever DTC token sale round !

in #dtube5 years ago

I'm getting an error on trying to turn up a node. Any help?

01:42:24.249 [ERROR] Wrong dist amount 12 11
01:42:24.250 [ERROR] Error Replay { _id: 29774,
  timestamp: 1561493332897,
   [ { type: 5,
       data: [Object],
       sender: 'ignacioarreses',
       ts: 1561493330334,
        '2886AuCRihgDT1k1ThfbLUEoMpGCjLkC2EQErzYoTPfF8CmwZRXKgn4WJS7UqyBNWz6Dm2Hr7h2ZN9RJRMshTQJM' } ],
  miner: 'wehmoen',
  dist: 12,
   '5cQFFWqaLu5JmxuNkMUBmMBNxZh8HuMXXgHKcvX4THQJXHaNk7kasHqt7ufuYBQknfnA1Ljh4gAiRu95bRzCoctm' }```

Yo yo yo... @comedyopenmic. Do you guys have any plans on reviving the comedyopenmic community, maybe on @dtube? A comedy video competition? Get Bernie to delegate to you again and we can,

As the orange umpa lumpa would say:

I miss creating comedy content so much 😉

You know you can create comedy without us.

Right now we're looking to maybe run a node for the dtube chain. Will see how it looks. Once a node is running, it's a posibility we'll start a contest, why not... we'll see where the road takes us.

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