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Hi DTube community.
Today, I am very happy presenting you our next SUPER SPONSOR @dsound!
Thank you so much for being a big help to make this event happening.
We are looking forward seeing @dsound and team at the DTube Forum!

The venue:

THANK YOU for your help and all your support!


The WHO is WHO at the DTube FORUM: (19)

@artakush +1
(everyone will appear here who bought the symbolic entry fee)

We hope many more will show their commitment to attend the DTube Forum!

Current members of the organization team:

This project is just possible with the great support of our community. So we want to thank you all for every upvote, resteem, and comment.

If you want to support us even more, please check out the @fundition campaign:!/

A very BIG THANK YOU! goes out to our sponsors:













If you want to appear here as a sponsor as well, check out our rewards on @fundition.

From Barcelona with LOVE

▶️ DTube

Hahahaha! 🤣🤣🤣
I loved listening to your pronunciation of my easy name on steem! 🤭
Thanks for your effort, it sounded perfect! 🤗

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Hahahaha believe me I trained several times before hinting the record button 😂 looking forward you guys coming over! Best greetings from Barcelona

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Now I owe @dsound a nice jamon! Thank you dear friend!

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Uhhhhh jamon iberico 😋 will make sure we find some good one here and will enjoy that one together! Greetings from Barcelona

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I won’t forget that my friend! 😎🤙

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I will try to get out of my comfort zone :S


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i love dtube :)

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