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Hi, community.
Today, I want to let you know how you purchase your public transport ticket (T-10 / Zone1) and how you get to the venue.

Here is the walk from Metro Line 1 (red line) - Station Marina:

Here is the walk from the Metro Line 4 (yellow line) - Statio Bogatell

If you have any other questions about public transport, just hit us in the comment section or on our discord channel.

The venue:

THANK YOU for your help and all your support!


The WHO is WHO at the DTube FORUM: (23)
@artakush +1
(everyone will appear here who bought the symbolic entry fee)

We hope many more will show their commitment to attend the DTube Forum!

Current members of the organization team:

This project is just possible with the great support of our community. So we want to thank you all for every upvote, resteem, and comment.

If you want to support us even more, please check out the @fundition campaign:!/

A very BIG THANK YOU! goes out to our sponsors:















If you want to appear here as a sponsor as well, check out our rewards on @fundition.

From Barcelona with LOVE



Take the first step, the rest will follow. Book the ticket, apply for the job, send the email, jump into the water. The rest gets easier from there

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Thanks @sunit! Greetings from Barcelona

Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living

We can't agree more @sunilksamanta! Best wishes from Barcelona

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Thank you @dcontest for featuring us! Greetings from Barcelona

Let you go and sell this video to Barcelona Municipality. =) It is a very serious education about Public Transport.

Class Barcelona Public Transport
Lesson 1- T10 Tickets

=) Thanks for sharing. This is the first thing i will do if i visit Barcelona. Bravo

Whilst I am not going, I found this video very informative and if I was attending it would be a great help.

Thanks for sharing,
Have an awesome day day!

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Thank you @pennsif for your constant support! Greetings from Barcelona

Wow, it's so wholesome when people help each other in such fine details about visiting an event. As a frequent convention visitor, I really appreciate it.

Wow! I think this will be the well organized forum since you have all the details so the dtubers will easily come to the venue. The success of these will be much appreciated to boost your goal and for the vision of Steem too. God bless you all.
Thank you @dcontest for sharing this.

Thank you @olivia08! Greetings from Barcelona

Welcome, God bless and regards to Nadal and Messi my favorite sportman

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Great!Your video is very informative and I think the venue of the dtube forum looks amazing. Wish I could attend the dtube event but anyway wish you all good luck for the success of the event. Keep up the good work!

Thank you @joancabz! Well, this one is just the first of many to come. Maybe in the future, Forum will be closer to your place giving you the possibility to join! Greetings from Barcelona

Its a great idea so the delegate could find the venue quickly. Thank you @dcontest

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